Nose Gear problem


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I have the FMS cessna 182 skytrainer and I'm having a problem with the nose gear/rudder servo stripping it's gears on landing. Granted that the landings have been somewhat rough but not horrible. Has anyone ever said screw it and disconnected the nose gear and rigged it to stay straight. I'm fine with not being able to taxi the aircraft because I bought it to fly it. Or perhaps I should get a metal geared servo for it


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A metal geared servo, or a servo saver if you can find one for fms servos. I've rigged wheels to go straight before and regretted it.


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Am I experiencing Dejavu? It seems like another thread with the same plane only the oposite problem, a steering problem where would go one way but not the other or something like that?
In this case a little push rod flex would save the servo.

Gear sets are cheap but better landings are even cheaper.:biggrin:


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I used this fork type nose gear on a trainer and quit having issues. You know I had many rough landings being that I was just learning. The single wire gear causes a lot of torque the way they are made which is hard on the servo gears. This Fults gear was the best. It also give better control making turns. I see he is trying to sell the business.


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