Nitro Planes Cub Build


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Not bad- what do you think of that gear? The bands look a little suspect to me.


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What engine would you put in this? It calls out for a 20cc gas engine, but I was thinking 26 or 28cc should be fine. Zenoah has one with electronic ignition, but so does 3w? any ideas out there?
Call Jim Gorumbie at Western Hobbies (602) 647-0165 and look at the Evo 26cc. I have seen these and actually held one on the ground....A stump puller.....see at ....Ask Jens about this too.......Jim Gorumbie is a top notch guy and treats a person good.....Tell him King and Woody From El Centro sent you........


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Looking real nice Derrik! Too bad that cowl color match is so far off. Otherwise, looks great. I want one!

Did you decide on an engine yet?


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if it flies good... the cowl color doesn't need to match... if it flies bad.... it is not worth matching!!

he he he he


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Auctually I have a JM fuel can already.

T-man I think I am going with the G-20 from Zenoah.

King thanks I look into it.

Mith- Exactly

Thanks guys I keep you posted on my progress. The bands look a little suspect to me also but I flexed them pretty hard and no issues.


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A buddy of mine had an EVO Motor- his worked well. Of course he only flew it three times before dumping it at auction. It was too much for him!