nice save with one wing on a QQ pitts


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That guy just about tackled it! So I wonder where they are going to get the parts to fix it....


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Good luck getting parts. He should of just drilled just to see it crash..... Sorry for the loss though.


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Gosh, you'd think you guys never built a airplane before...
If he cant get a replacement wing, just order a box of balsa and build one.


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Great flying. Way to stay calm under presure. Heck we have done much worse. Ever park a full sive truck on the runway then stand on the roof trying to get that perfect picture? Wait did I tell you it was two very old school pilots flying 40% right at me? Damn and which one of us hasnt tried to catch a 40%? Come on be honest. Hell I have!


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I agree with bdavison, you have the old wing to repair or at least for a pattern.
Just rebuild it or find an old fart to do it for you...