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Just to air things out a bit....I do not own TDA, I only work for them. I fly TD planes and service the engines we sell and I have another job that helps support my addiction to this hobby. I pretty much have a 24/7 involvement in this hobby...both jobs, club president(4th elected term), building planes for others and flying every moment I can.

Maybe I have something to offer maybe I don't
I would be interested in seeing what Blaine has done with the product line that is new?

In a sorta "Non-advertising" way....


There is an undisclosed amount of 35% prototypes on the way:thumbsup:
Nice! I can't wait to see 'em....

It would be really cool if ya'll brought out a 40% Giles... Wildhare used to have one that flew amazing, but sadly, they are unobtainium....