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thought id give a place for new members to drop in and say hi...

introduce your self where your from what you fly and pics of your toys are always welcome


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Ill go first: Todd McNease, from South Mississippi. Where flying season never ends. Would post some pics but I'm kinda burned out so to speak. LOl
Planes I "HAD"
PAU 300sp 50cc
AW Yak 54 50cc
Showtime 50
Super Sportster
Goldberg Cub
H9 Super Stik


nice in cali we don't have to take a winter brake ether. some times we get a summer brake if its to hot lol

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Hi everyone!! I don't fly but I love to watch!! Pakratt and Nelly do the flying and I take the pictures, plus video!
Thank you for the warm welcome!!


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Sup everyone, been a member for some time, just haven't posted yet. My name is Drew and I live in San Antonio Texas. I fly at River City RC with some of the best guys, including Bob Sawyer. I fly mainly giant scale and foamy's and only 3D stuff. Been flying for about 10 years off and on. Thanks for having me Circus.....:)


Below, a pic of my Ultra Lightened Pilot 35% which is my regular weekend 3D machine and my DW foamy with DW light kit, FUN FUN STUFF !!!



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Hello, my name is Ken, and I'm an aircraft addict!
I love flying, building, repairing planes, but hate crashing....

I'm not exactly freshly "new" here, as I've been lurking since
March 2010, and I like the feel around here!

Wasn't it the young kids that allways ran around saying
that they were going to run off and join the circus.....

Looking forward to lots of shenanagans and fun times here!
Let the mayhem begin!

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Welcome to all of our old friends and the many new ones we now have! Look around, enjoy yourselves, and if you need anything just ask a mod. We're not professional but we sure are helpful.:D


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I never knew you hung out here Al.

Anyway I'm also a FG refugee. My names Pete Marshall and I hate Jim Bourke


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I never knew you hung out here Al.

Anyway I'm also a FG refugee. My names Pete Marshall and I hate Jim Bourke
You can't really HATE JB, the three headed monster FG just got to big for its brithces.. You should hate all the little trolls that pushed FG to that point of no return.

Isn't there a plane you should be designing or something?


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Hi I'm Nelly and I'm an R/C funactic! Just ask my Dad lol! :)

I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and hanging with old ones!
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