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First Victory MVVS 116 NP ???:thumbsup:
Performed outstanding during the whole competition.


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Wow...had a question about my newly acquired MVVS 40, did the search and sighed when I saw the last post. Pe will be missed.

OK, now, what is the thread size on the crank? I have to order a different spinner nut as the Miracle one won't fit.


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Jason I believe that is correct. To confirm see if the shaft will thread into a sparkplug hole or just take the nut and see if a CM6 plug will thread into it. If it does that will confirm that it is M10x1.


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Doug beat me to confirming the size - but yes, that is the size. It also just happens to be the same as pretty much all the MVVS's above the 40 - (not sure about the new 176 though).

Good tip Doug :thumbsup:


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PE will be miss, he would have the answer rite now for this.
now on another note has anyone tried PE's idea for running pull-pull cable for the works great I tried it and now that is all I use.


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its just easier for me,don't have to look around for ball links and 2-56 screws.just wire and 1/16 brass tube.


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I have tried it on a couple of planes. It works.

My most notable use of it is on a BME116 where there is very little room to place a throttle linkage that doesn't get affected by the exhaust. Where it doesn't work is when you remove the throttle return spring :biggrin:

I too miss Pe quite a lot. His input helped me keep my MVVS powered fleet running smoothly and he had an instant (and correct) answer for anything MVVS related I asked him. I fear for the brand here as we are now on our 4th dealer in as many years.


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Yep - LEave the return spring hooked up (Which I do anyway no matter how the throttle is operated). Use a length of good pull-pull wire (Which I buy from my local tackle shop - it's called 100# trace wire and I use it for all my RC pull pulls).

Being old, I prefer the solid pushrod for no apparent reason. But I make those with some Carbon tube and epoxied ends (WWRC has good ones of those) and a ball joint at each end.

The pull cable is good, It is simple, it works and I really cant say I can fault it in any way. I even have it on a 3d airframe that gets the throttle pumped hard and I don't have any servo return issues.


I'd like to buy one of the MVVS 30 SP IFS engines. Checked with "Chief", "Esprit", "BJ's" nobody has one....


Horizon Hobby and MVVS have parted ways. They don't sell Evolution branded MVVS engines anymore, only the Chinese Evolution glow converts.

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I was wondering about that, thanks. I guess profit margin wins over quality anymore. Sorry the suggestion wasn't more helpful.