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I am taking the plunge this weekend and going to put 2.4 in my big bird.
The thing is, I have 4 power leads from my regs (2 from each) that go into my receiver.

Since I plan to fly with an 8-channel receiver, I won't quite have enough slots to run all my power leads into the receiver.

Here is the question... can I run two power leads into the receiver and two into my MSA-10s I have which control my ailerons?

Is there any conflict doing this type of setup? I can't see there would be, but I just don't know.



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I think you can do this.. but the second leads only power each match box... try it and see.. unplug the Rx leads and see if the MSA's power the system.


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OK, I have some data. The power lead will power the ailerons (according to the manual) but I just tried to see if it would power the entire system and the answer to that is NO.

So, I have three power connections available in the receiver and I guess I will just use a y-connector with the throttle or something like that for the additional connection. In truth the ailerons probably could use the extra boost themselves, but I like having more power connections for the receiver.

Heck, I even have a power expander I could use. Maybe it is time I dust it off and use it. The options....
I believe you can y into any channel,
Can you not come off the regulator into the msa-10 and one slot of the reciever and one to the msa.
That way the reciever only needs one slot and one lead going into the msa-10s' .
I believe the msa 10 can have a sep power source right?
Okay just checked mine.
Run one lead to the reciever and one to the msa.
I believe that the msa can be directly powered.
So if you are running 2 msa and have three slots the prob sloved no y needed.
In other word just get some extensions (4) 2 out of the reg one to the rec and one to the msa.
Are the power plugs out of the reg female if so there you go.


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Use a Bat-share where you have 1 lead to your receiver, then go to town with the plugs to the matchboxes.


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A Y connector is the simplest solution

But considering the reliability of our radio gear.... small chance of a flight safety issue no matter what you do....

but a Y connector is the simplest.