Modern Warfare 3 (any gamers here)


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[ame=]‪Call of duty modern warfare 3 survival mode trailer‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]


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I'll be shocked if it's anywhere near the level of MW1. If it is, I might actually buy it. I'm not that into casual games any more though... I'm more of a sim fan. I've been stuck on Arma II for months :D


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Lol, I got as far as peeling the annoying wrap off of Black Ops a week ago, then I got busy, forgot about the game. At this rate, by the time I think of buying #3, it'll be in the greatest hits pile.


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Dude, I wish I could, but it's just too far for me right now. Best I can do is meet Gravy at the Toys for Tots event in NC in September. Let's see, maybe things will work out, and I can come see you guys, if not, I'll buy a couple shirts, just to help out. They need to invent teleporters for [email protected], it already is the 21st century!!!. Just imagine, you teleport yourself and your plane and gear, crash your plane at the event, no problem, the planes DNA is still in the system, poof!!! Instant rebuild. Fly on..... Or...... You teleport a bunch of "cloned" planes, sell off the fuses, now you have extra engines, all identically tuned, extra servos, all in identical shape, batteries, etc...... Yeah man, good stuff! Don't bogart that joint, my friend, pass it on to me......