Mithy's Green Flag SX w/WWW170


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OK... this one I really intend to finish soon!!! Really.....

I have mounted the Elevator Servos... that is a no brainer... and mounted one Aileron set of servos... these are simply a matter of unbolting from FUTABA Scheme SX and screwing into Green Flag SX....

The work will be in the WWW170 Installation and the Rudder rack and locating Regs, Batts, Rx's and RRS...

I decided to use a WWW170 instead of a DA150... long story... but here are a couple pix... one picture shows the two next to each other for comparison....


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This plane I stole... I mean purchased from "Coque Diesel/Storm-Trooper"... rather our very own resident foriegn bleeding heart liberal Jens!! (he he he he.... he knows I love him in a manly way!!! ;) )

Any how... Jens enjoys experimenting with various different motors... and I believe he had an Evo 150 and a Kroma 180 on this plane....

So.. the firewall had a few sets of motor mount holes in it that I wanted to fix... plus... Comp-Arf does not do a very good job of bonding that ply plate to the front of the fuse anyway.... Ron and I have had to add fasteners in the corners of this plywood plate to prevent it from pulling up the corners!!!
So... I added a thin piece of 1/8" AirCraft Ply with the proper hole pattern to the front of the plane after I sanded the paintoff. I 30 minute epoxied the plate on and after it cured, I covered the ply region with carbon and the side regions with a layer of 4 ounce/yd^2 S-Glass....

Then I made small 1/4" AC-Ply "T-Nutplates" and bonded them in place using RTV and I mounted the motor...





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Next, I split some Tygon down the middle lengthwise and used "Goop" to bond it to the thru holes for the ignition wires.... and a short length of "Armour-Flex" for the sensor wire... I also will Heat Shrink the sensor wire and secure the plug into the Ignition Module.


Then I had to grind a little bit off some unused boss by the throttle arm on the carb with a dremel and a grinding disk... be sure to protect any opening of the motor so it doesn't get alu particles inside!!



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Next I located the ignition switch... I wanted to locate it in an area with a single color of paint.... so if the hole ever needs to be repaired.. it will be an easier repair... I selected a location on the right side ahead of the main gear... turns out this is not the best location.. the composite skin is fairly thick here... prolly .080" thick... but it is what it is....




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so tonight I got the throttle linkage installed.... took a couple tries before I got the correct servo arm length.... (Longer throttle linkage then DA on the WWW).... and I got the travel volume ratio'd at 110% for the lower half and 118% for the upper half....

I had some precured carbon "L" material laying about and figured it would make a nice servo mount... so I did a little cutting and grinding and....


Then I setup the throttle pushrod and got the linkage to work freely from full to closed... and used two 8-32 screws with "T-Nuts" to mount to the engine dome.... I will put some RTV on the threads to prevent the vibration from rattling them out!!


Tomorrow... I will work on mounting the batts, regs, Rx's and RRS and maybe the rudder rack??


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OK... I decided to get the rudder rack installed.... this is the rudder rack from my SN-Line and then I also used it in my SX/Futaba Scheme... the servos are already matched.. so I used'em again for Greenie!!

d I used 1/4

So I made the frame members from some 1/4" Ply-Core-Ply carbon panel scrap from work... and I used 1/4 ply for the cross rails.... I did like a counter bore into the carbon rails to recess the plywood so it would be flush with the top edge of the rail






The primary loads on the rudder system are fore-aft so I made lengthwise rails instead of crossmembers or more bulkheads....

I used masking tape to tape the pieces together and then unfolded for the application of epoxy and then I placed the assembly upside down on a flat surface so it would end up straight when the epoxy cured...


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Next I test fitted the Frame in the fuse between the two bulkheads (That Comp-Arf didn't install straight!!!)... and marked the areas that will get bonded.... I sanded the bond areas to prepare them for the epoxy/micro.

When using Epoxy/Micro as an adhesive, it is good practice to apply a thin coat of straight epoxy directly to the bonding surfaces first. The Micro slurry does not "Wet Out" the bonding surfaces as well as the straight epoxy.

Then I filled the open edge of the honeycomb rails with the Epoxy/Micro slurry... and then carefully placed it in the fuse... It is always a good sign to get a good spooge out.... that means No Voids!!







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So... here is the rail/frame bonded in place... I had to grind a small opening in the forward mount to provide servo wire exits...

Then I simply drilled and screwed the rudder rack in place, put a short length of split tygon tubing to prevent the front of the carbon rack from chafing the wires.

Next.. I put the cable ends thru the screw-eyes and crimped at the proper length... and I am done with the rudder rack installation!!!






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OK... next I finished up the engine installation, secured the ignition wires and trimmed the cowl to clear the exhaust....







I will need to finish up the baffling next.

I am exhausted... bed time!


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Mith make sure you baffle the top of the engine cowl.. and all for sides.
Yeah... I am thinking of putting a baffle across the back of the motor as well

On Another note.......

Hey Jens!!! Thanks man for a smokin' deal on this plane....

Other then the Wheel pants..(They always get tortured)... this plane is in superb shape... the paint is beautiful!!!

I haven't even been able to find very many Hanger-Rash dings....

Just like new except it is already assembled!!! he he he he

Thanks Dawg!!!