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OK... entry number one:

Got 3 flights at the Cedar City RC Club flying site.

Flew my 3W170 w/ L90- canister, FUTABA FASST equipped Compy SX here 3 times on Sunday, May 10th.

Wind was steady 3 mph gusting to 8 mph.... sunny with a few scattered high clouds....

This site is on BLM land, and is open to any RC Pilot!! The facility has a shade structure that would survive Katrina!!

The President of the club joined me after I called him on the phone.....

They are expecting to get the runway surfaced at any time.... They had concrete scheduled to go in this month, but the poor economy happened and caused a delay.... but they are maybe thinking Petro-Mat as a short term solution.

NO Winey Neighbors!!! The BLM actually LIKES this club using this land!!!

Just as a side note, I saw a few empty Shotgun shells... so maybe it is a dual-use facility!?!?!? ;)








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The facility is located about 18 minutes west of the 15 freeway at Cedar City Utah.
Cedar City is right at the point where you would go east off the I15 fwy if you were headed to Bryce Canyon...

The temps were around 75 degrees F.... and though the site is at 5700 msl, my SX with the 3W 170 handled it well... clearly not as much power as Sea Level.... but still enuff to cause trouble!!! ;)





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Wow!! If they had a nice 800 foot concrete runway that would be an awesome flying site!!
It sure would... and the pres told me about someone riding a horse in the area who alleged that their horse got spooked by the models.... they called the BLM to complain... and the BLM told them " Don't ride your horses near the flying site... the desert is big enuff for everyone"....

How does that sound?!?!?!... a government agency PROMOTING/DEFENDING model activities!!!


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That sounds great-

Flying off dirt isn't bad when it's calm, but wind can create some problems.


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That sounds great-

Flying off dirt isn't bad when it's calm, but wind can create some problems.
Ahhh ha ha ha... Norco boys can Tru-Dat!!!


I think I might attend the Camarillo Giant Scale Hoochie-Nanny this weekend...... Anyone else????


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this upcoming weekend....located here.......

who else is gonna help Circusify this shindig with me?? files/location.pdf

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BEWARE OF FOGS! This field is infested with them! I should know, I have been a member of this outfit for many years and as of the last few years, I limit my flying to the late afternoon week days (FOGs don't like the afternoon X-wind breezes and besides, late afternoon is nap time...)