Krill 39% Sukhoi

Andrew Bird

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Thanks - using the existing paint lines also made it faster to mark up! I'm pretty happy with how they came out.

No photo's but today I got the elevator servos in and arms sorted, aileron servos in (but waiting for longer arms), started making extensions and had a bit of a look at how it was coming out on the CG. Even with the rudder servos in the tail and tuned pipes adding a bit of weight aft of the CG it seems a little nose heavy (not much though).

Showtime - which Krill do you have on the way?


You want me to do what...?
Andrew Bird;62710]Votec - I've got the E version of the 140 sebart sukhoi and I love it.
Andrew, I have been flirting with the idea of getting a small plane like this for a while. The 140 sebart sukhoi really catches my attention.
What Is your set up?
What batteries and charger do I need?

Andrew Bird

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I've been running 2 thunder power 3250 5 cell packs stuck together (so 10 cell total). It gives me about 7 - 8 mins. If In fly 3d I get 8, pattern I don't fly beyond 7 since it eats the power more. If I buy any more packs for it I might go with a cheaper brand of packs as well - they all seem to do the job nowadays.

Running a Hacker A60 motor and Jeti spin 90 speed contoller.
You'll be well happy with the 3d capabilities of the Sebby Sukhoi if you go down that road. When I got (before I killed) my krill yak - I basically said I wanted a plane that would huck like the sebby and the yak did!

I tend to use Lipos in all my planes and have a Graupner Ultra duo plus 30 charger that works with all my packs up to 10 cells.