Introducing the 100cc Ultimate 20-300

Mark Dennis

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Aeroworks is excited to introduce one of our most anticipated airframes, the new 100cc-120cc Ultimate 20-300 ARF QB. This new offering is a shrunk down version of our contest proven 150cc Ultimate and fly's every bit as well as its bigger brother!

Designed to accommodate many of the 100cc-120cc power plants including the DA 100, DA 120 and DLE 111 as well as tuned pipes, canisters and standard mufflers. The Ultimate comes standard with carbon wing/stab tubes for added strength and low weight. A front and rear top hatch have been provided to allow the builder full access inside the fuse.

Please call or order online to take advantage of free shipping on all pre-orders, this will save you 189.95!

Wing Span 84 inches.
Wing Area 2650 sq. in.
Fuse Length (Rudder to Front of Cowl) 98.5"
Fuse Length (Rudder to Front of Spinner) 103.5"
Cowl Width 13"
Weight 28 to 30 lbs
Engine 100cc-120cc
Radio 4 Channels minimum

Additional pictures and info can be found at:


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Man... I just bought the 50cc flavor... I had forgotten how tight things can get trying to get the motor and servos mounted in the nose of a 50cc size plane!

Great news, glad to see the product line keep expanding!


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looks better than the BEAST
+1 I don't like how that thing looks either....this Aeroworks Ulti looks awesome! Nice job Aeroworks!
the beast suks ! flying wires and glue in stabs , jeez what next rubber band hold down for the wings?
this Ultimate is going to be mine ! no doubt about it , getting a DA120 to boot.
Mark says they get perfect CG with the DA120, good news .
look how friggen long this plane is . should track like a pattern plane :thumbs:
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