I don't know you Jimmy


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But you hit the nail on the head!!

"Furthermore this is a site about diversity. Many people don't want to post because they are afraid of getting bashed for what they choose to fly. We should encourage flying, NOT PRODUCT. To each his own."

Bingo! this is the vibe that brought me to the cirkus when I was flying a 31% Lanier Edge with a Brison 5.8ci engine at the 1st Cirkus fly-in.. this message has been lost among many of you brand whores! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

I remember when Woody was out-flying a whole bunch of you guys in Chula Vista with a beat up Glow powered U-Can-Do.. THAT was cool!


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Whats wrong with being a brand whore.
ask and you shall receive!

I loves me analogies:

Lets say we had a sweet website devoted to fast food. Lets call it teamfastfoodcirkus.com.

lets say it was a joyous place for all of us fast food enthusiast to share an uninhibited love of fast food. discuss new finds, perhaps Jack-in-the-box has a new item on their value menu, and you wanna share your experience with it,mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ah what a fun website!!!

Then a few sour pusses (lets call them "brand whores") come in and all they can say is "ALL FAST FOOD SUCKS! ALL OF IT! 'cept of course Wendy's, Wendy's is awesome, anybody who eats any fast food other that Wendy's is a hack!". That kind of spoils the fun..



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But if it is true and this person has facts to back it up why would you consider it a sponsor whore. What i am saying is you read something you dont like and then the Brady bunch jumps on the bandwagon and ruins the thread. So why would that make you not want to hanger out cause of one thread. Or because of opinion. You will find this in any thing you do from banking to what kind of drink you use. It is called an opinion. So if yo dont like that opinion dont read-on. Move to the next thread that caught your interest. What made this site bad ass was the fun from all members, We made video , fun fly events and had personality. This takes a ton of time. And like anything in life it cant last for ever.. So we need not to focus on the past or what FTC was once or still is. But where should TFC go from here. We will never be able get back the old days cause they are just that OLD Days. We need new days... So who wants to help. Cliff R u in.

Jimmy Dean

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I agree with both sides of this debate. I think in any case NO ONE should be bashed for what they ultimately choose to spend their hard earned money on. Maybe it was just a better deal based on necessity. I know if I had the money I would have a hanger full of different stuff. Wood, Composite, Slopers, anything and everything. Now If say for instance this site belonged to Wendy's and then you wanted to post about McD's I can understand calling someone out. But really who cares what you fly as long as we can all get together and do it together. I find it somewhat ironic, at the events everyone is just happy to see you made it out. Even if you brought control line, its hey glad you could make it. Here we battle over brand names. As for me, Hey Glad to see you're here hope to see you next time.


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We all tend to be an advocate for the equipment we invested our hard earned cash into. I don't mind a little brand support, but sometimes it gets tedious. The whole DA-3W, Hitec-JR, Futaba-JR arguments always end in a dead thread because someone makes a offensive strike with some insulting brand-bashing comment.

I want to know what products are best, but on the other hand I want an unbiased opinion.

I love my American made DA50, and I never thought I would consider an import 3W. But when the opportunity came to get one cheap for my big plane, I bought a 3W157CS. Now I love it too, and I am glad I chose not to be a brand-whore.

I really enjoy my JR9303. I think it's badass. I have never had a Futaba, except the old 4-channel back in the 70's, but several hardcore supporters of JR have now all gone to Futaba. I don't have an opinion about them, never flew one. I'm not good enough to judge anyway, but I will have an opinion when it comes to programming and setup difficulty. I will have an open mind and when I'm ready to buy, I'll check out someone else's and see if it merits a change.

I love AXi motors. Had Hackers and several other brands from 100 Watt thru 1800 watt systems. I still find AXi to be my personal preference for quality and performance. I have compared other brand names apples-to-apples, and I found Axi was always better, one way or another. I find myself making too much of a case for AXi in debates, because I really have had excellent experience with them. I am biased. But, I have made many recommendations for cheap-assed Chinese brand motors too... why? Because it's cheap you tool! I didn't say it was better.

So.... I think the point is that if you have a strong bias for a given brand, try to contain your attacks & bashing on other brands if you don't have first-hand knowledge and some productive value to offer in a comparison.

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all i'm saying is that the vibe need not die. Back when I flew my roached out nicad battery havin, single cylinder-mechanical advanced running, non PCM 72 mhz controlled, already been broken in half lanier edge in the cirkus obstacle course, nobody once commented on my clapped-out plane. They just complimented my flying.

These days there is a lot of bashing about what people are running, unless of course they are talking about themselves then there is very little bashing. not as much fun..

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I am a worthless person, my flying sucks, I always choose the wrong and inferior equipment, but I sure love to fly and hang out with the guys at the field. Isn't this what it's all about?

If the product comparisons are factual and based on real world experience, I learn from these types of brand debates. It's only when emotion, personal preference, and hidden (or visible) agendas enter into the process, that I move on...and it seems like this happens all too often. For example, I've had a heck of a time trying to get real, factual data when I was trying to select the high voltage servos that were right for me. It really shouldn't be this hard.....