HOW IV Oct, 23th,24th, 25th and 26th

Discussion in 'Events' started by roc111672, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Tobyiscrazy

    Tobyiscrazy Junior Member

    All I could think was GOT WOOD!!!!!!
  2. roc111672

    roc111672 3D Farm Bartender

    There is NO landing fees at Huck-O-Ween.

    I will edit my original post tonight.

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    CRAPTECH Junior Member

    We have a whiskey distillery in Crestview; it is in the old movie theater. How cool is that. I stop by and pick up a sample. I will bring some with me to HOW Terry

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    BENCHASON 3D Farm Hand

    We need that at the field. LOL
  5. Vital-Rc

    Vital-Rc Well-Known Member

    I need a new job , looks like I'm out again this year .
    Your care package is on the way , post plenty of pics so when I'm in the office hating life at least I can see airplanes .

    Have fun guys ,
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  6. roc111672

    roc111672 3D Farm Bartender

    Thank you Justin. We really appreciate what you do to help support or little event.

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  7. lxcoupe

    lxcoupe Can I say that?

    It looks like I'm officially out for this year. I thought it was gonna line up this year, no such luck. So I hope ya'll have a great time and I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics here.
  8. WrongWay

    WrongWay Well-Known Member

    I'm IN!!:biggrin:
  9. WrongWay

    WrongWay Well-Known Member

    Officially that is...

    This year, as a vendor I am going to show off some new items. We will start with the commemorative white rubber boots... Would love to see everyone on the flight line...

    Wearing a pair..
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  10. WrongWay

    WrongWay Well-Known Member

    Of course
  11. WrongWay

    WrongWay Well-Known Member

    you know....
  12. WrongWay

    WrongWay Well-Known Member

    I am just having fun...

    Al, I for one will miss you bud... stay safe when you go back overseas..
  13. lxcoupe

    lxcoupe Can I say that?

    Thanks bud, I'll try to stay off of youtube:yikes:
  14. cap232driver

    cap232driver Senior Member

    Wtf al?

    Say it ain't so
  15. dr_d_2k

    dr_d_2k Well-Known Member

    You're Gonna miss us Al
  16. lxcoupe

    lxcoupe Can I say that?

    Sorry Steve. I wish I had made a little more effort to get up that way now.

    The reality is I've been doing a lot of fishing, and not very much flying. The few times I've went and flew my 104 extra, I was super rusty and a bit uncomfortable with it. The majority of my flying consisted of FPV with my wing and glider and most recently a t-28 i set up for doing touch and goes. I was hoping spending a week around my brothers would inspire me to get back my skills.
  17. cap232driver

    cap232driver Senior Member

    So now you know how it feels to be like me with flying, always rusty and never any good. But I enjoy the company and cooking on the grill and sharing beverages:thumbsup:.

    I hope we get to make it to an event sometime soon Al.

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    BENCHASON 3D Farm Hand

    Almost 9 days until PAR TAY !!
  19. C_Watkins

    C_Watkins This is not a toy? Lifetime Supporter

    I've missed my last couple scheduled PAR TAY's... and am definitely due one.
    Still lookin like a go, for me, at the moment. Can't wait :)

    BENCHASON 3D Farm Hand

    Good deal ! See ya soon buddy

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