Hostetler 113in Super Chipmunk


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Everything has been Cleared. I brought a couple of pieces home to leave more room in Tom's Shop. I'll go get the rest in the morning.IMG_8246.jpg IMG_8247.jpg


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This concludes the first part of the build. I want to thank Bob Knight for his thread and help when I asked questions.

Don't know when I will get back to the second part. That is the Chipie for myself. Changed my mind many times but I settled on the Mark Meredith Chipmunk. I may build my Meister BF -109 first but for now I'm flying. I'll post flying pictures and videos as I get them. So look in occasionally to see if there is something new.


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This weekend I met up with Nathan K Hammonds at the Ft. Wayne Air Show. Had a great time and I'm very flattered that Nathan wanted to buy the plane off of Greg. Of course it was not for sale. All the people there gave the plane a thumbs up, including the ground crew for the Thunderbirds. I've never been so flattered in my life.

Sometime things fall where you don't expect it to. This build was one of those times. I never thought I would go behind the ropes at an Air Show and meet so many people that most just get to watch from afar. Then you realize that while they are living a dream. They are just ordinary nice people who have cool jobs. For the most part they are like you and me.

Here are some more pictures to share with you. Thank you all for following.

IMG_8277.jpg IMG_8278.jpg IMG_8281.jpg IMG_8283.jpg IMG_8284.jpg IMG_8285.jpg IMG_8286.jpg IMG_8288.jpg IMG_8292.jpg IMG_8293.jpg

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WOW. finished reading all 15 pages straight, what an awesome effort. I notice its been over18 months since any postings. Has this plane flown yet, it would be great to know. I just wish I had your building skills. Hope everybody stayed safe from CV19.


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It has flown and still does. He mostly posts over on Facebook as well as scale model builder website. I am not sure of the name of that one exactly.