Hempel 50% Edge, v1


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I don't understand why you can't place the exhaust ports on the same side as the carb???

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The cylinders have boost ports molded into them that mate with the case. iI you rotate the cylinders you lose the portion of the case that mates the boost port with the cylinder. Symmetry only on three sides.

The cylinders are quite unusual in port design. Although I have not gotten too deeply into them yet it appears there is some type of porting that opens up on and into the sides of the exhaust ports.


I got inside the engine and it's confirmed. The existing cylinders cannot be rotated to relocate the exhaust ports. I'm loathe to post any pictures of inside the cylinders. The Chinese can buy their own damn engine if they want to copy something. The exhaust ports are indeed quite interesting, having what at first glance appears to be exhaust gas accellerators. That's as descriptive as I'm going to be on that subject.

The pistons are so big you would think they came from an early VW.
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