Hangar 9 Extra 300 / DA 120


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I'm selling my Hangar 9 Extra 300. I flew this plane all last summer and it is set up for IMAC flying. I won 5 out of the 6 events I entered with this airplane last summer and won the IMAC North East region championship (Basic) with this aircraft. It fly's like it's on rails. The plane was built last spring and all parts were bought brand new between Jan and March of 2015. I have had no issues with the airplane and I'm only selling because due to work I don't have time to invest in IMAC anymore.

The plane has small cosmetic things here and there which are normal from a years worth of IMAC contest and practice. Local pick-up only I will not ship. I am flexable on the price but I'm not giving it away. I'm not hard up for money so please don't PM me with an offer of $500 (it has happened in the past with another airplane).

Also I will let the Wing Tote wing bag and the horizontal stab bag go if buyer pays full asking price. I'm asking $2,000. Buyer needs to pick-up I will not ship it.

Hangar 9 35% Airframe
MTW-75 Cans
Tru-Turn Spinner
Falcon 29x9 Carbon Prop
Spektrum AR-9111 RX
(8) Savox 1270TG servos all the way around (even on throttle)
SWB control arms
3W pilot
(2) Thunder power 3800 mah batts
Viton gas line all the way around