Gas engine for Reactor bipe?


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A buddy of mine jist bougbt a .90 hog bipe, he's going to put a 15cc into it.


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Anything that is .60 two-stroke size, would work well with a 20cc. The VVRC (XYZ) 20cc is a good economical choice.:thumbsup:


I used to have this plane on a 6S electric setup; there's a pretty good thread over on RCU about the plane. Couple of guys have put a 20cc gasser on it with no issues. Only real problem is the cowl is so narrow, you end up hacking away most of the cowl on one side...

Very fun plane; it was ballistic on 1700W:thumbsup:


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Yeah, I had an electric I picked up used, until I lost orientation of it.

I wanted a bipe small enough not to have to hassle with taking it apart to transport, and it was fun enough I bought another- originally thinking to go electric.

Flight times are short, though. On the other hand I'd like to avoid slime.

I do wish someone made a rear intake, rear exhaust 17-20cc so as not to have to hack up the cowl.


Yeah, I had my timer set at 7min, and looking back, shoulda been at 6! Wrecked it twice due to LVC: first time was only about 5min in, and pack likely just took a dump at the wrong time(hover). That broke a wing, which I repaired. Second time was trying a new power combo/prop, and it SURE didn't make 7 minutes :( Tried to stretch the glide, and hit boulders at the edge of the parking lot/runway. Game over...

Love flying my 50cc Reactor gasser: 15 minute flights and consistent power beginning to end:thumbsup:


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I happen to also have the big Reactor, my first gasser. I love the way that thing flies.

Li-Po wise, one of the voltage alarm buzzers that plugs into the balance plug works way better than a timer- might have a weak pack, use more throttle or whatever.

I slammed the little bipe into a rock pile when I lost orientation. Should have kept it closer, and I realized later I was wearing non-prescription glasses.

Anyway, I'm leaning toward the Saito. Would make it a high $ little plane for sure, but I've heard they are great engines, plus it is relatively light weight- and it seems the sound would be right...