Discussion in 'Events' started by JBenson, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    Hey everyone,
    I know this is last minute, but the board in charge of this event has been collectively scatter brained. I have been out of the loop with IMAC, as well as some work on some website... Anyway, we had our final planning meeting this evening and everyone expressed a desire to have the Circus involved. If you are up for some relaxing flying at a local even, come on out. There will be more open flying than in past years as we are limiting the time of the activities like paint ball. For more information you can go to:

  2. Rabbit Ron

    Rabbit Ron Circus Staff

    I wish would have known about this earlier I unfortunately told a newbie that I would help him out this Sat at O C M A
  3. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    Cool, gotta help the newbies.

  4. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Well-Known Member

    Hey JB,

    Propstrike and I would like to come out and see everyone (he is getting a little stir crazy). If we are not bringing a plane do we need to pre-register, or can we just show up?

  5. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    Just show up. No charge for hanging out. Would love to see you guys!!

  6. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Well-Known Member

    We will be there, as long as it is a "good day" for him. With seeing y'all, I'm sure he will be up to it.

  7. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    I'll be looking for you.

  8. Showtime

    Showtime Circus Staff

    I Wish i could come but i have to go fly fishing this weekend. But i do have stubs cowl.
  9. Stubbs

    Stubbs WTF

    The funfly is sat and sunday ron, come on out sunday... Where you going fly fishing show?
  10. Postie

    Postie Sack Up

    Oh those Newbies...always ruining the fun...First JB, then me, now Ron.

    Whose next!?!
  11. CircusPrincess

    CircusPrincess Circus Staff

    If Ron comes on Sunday, then I'll be there, too. I love hanging out with that guy. He's kind of a big deal!
  12. kaveman

    kaveman Well-Known Member

    plus its no charge to just come out to fly ? right ?
    the events are not for my boys yet but they to to keep practicing
    plus how you doing jb could not call you lost number dooohhhhhhhh
    me idiot hahahahaha
  13. Gmoney

    Gmoney Circus Staff

    FunFly = fund raiser.... Yes you will pay to fly..
  14. Mithrandir

    Mithrandir Circus Staff Lifetime Supporter

    Late notice :(
  15. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    I know Mith. Yes you have to pay to fly Kaveman. 909-589-4474



    Hi JB... I'll be there Saturday AM with your 'old buddy The Yak....
    I'll even let ;cha have a flight or two. ..Only If you'll be my "Spotter"
    Never flown there and I would like some help landing.. Do you want us to wear "Our Circus shirts?

  17. JBenson

    JBenson Circus Staff

    Cool deal Rob. I will be there around noon. I have a funeral in the morning. I would be happpy spot for you. Circus shirts are always good!!

  18. Stubbs

    Stubbs WTF

    See you in the AM rob..! I'll be out there bright and early..
  19. Tinkerbelle

    Tinkerbelle Well-Known Member


    When was the last time Rob was out "bright and early"? LOL

    We should be there around 10.

  20. In-N-Out

    In-N-Out previously Cowlhead

    Tammie and I will be there bright and early

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