Extreme Flight Yak 110

How many flights can you get out of the 1100 A123 on igniton?
How many minutes are your flights?
Yeah like GP said I'm using about 140 maybe a little less per 10-12 minute flight. I usually put back in about 500ma after 4 flights so I'd go 6 flights before I would need to recharge it.


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Mine are under the rudder servos. I have a small 1100 A123 Ignition pack that is in the stock location. Same setup DA100 w/muffs etc etc... Mine was dead on balance wise until I swapped out my aluminum spinner out with my carbon spinner and now I'm slightly tail heavy. Takes some down on landing etc... I'm running dual flight power 2500 lipos.
im da-100 stock mufler. 2700 nuhm ignition battery in motor box. two 4000 nihm reciever batteries mounted behind rudder servo. balanced center of wing tube.


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This last weekend I went flying at this field in San Diego, its called Chollas Park Rc Club and this field needs to invaded by the CIRCUS. It has a 350' paved runway, a lil bit of shade and a lot of room to fly. Also comes with a view of the Coranado islands, the ocean and Downtown.