Engine RPM Thread


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GP-61. Around 5 gallons.

GP-123 muffler for exhaust orientation in a boxer mount configuration in a WWRC 93 1/2 inch EE50cc profile install.

Regular pump gas, 45 to 1 synthetic.
Rcexl Irridium spark plug
Xoar 23-3D-B prop.
Temp 77
Sea level
No humidity report.

7740 hot.

The engine makes so much torque in mid range that I am doing most of my work at 5/8 throttle and below.

Take off roll 12 inches.... LOL

We will try to have the camera man better lined up for next vid.



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Just want to keep this thread going.
I am a sucker for new engines and always want to try them out if they are a little different then the rest,this is the latest.
DJ72 single,same stroke as a DLE55 or EME60 but with a larger bore,thus giving it a fast spool up.
24-8 Arco carbon 6885 with a side dump,FB ring, after 1 gallon of redline 32:1 @ 900ft.ASL.