EF-extra 104''.....i have it.....

anders e

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Its in Sweden at the hobbyshop now and will be shipped to me tomorrow.
Hope to have it friday :drool:

I'm not sure what engine yet, but maybe a DLE-111.......or a DA.....or a mintor.... wile i'm waiting on the GP-123 :rolleyes2:

Engine will fart through proflow ;)

For servos it will be hitec 7950 elevators, 7954 ailerons and 7980 rudder.
Batt's i think hyperion 6.6v x3. One for ignition and two for servos.

Btw.....its blue/white.

Should i share with you? Or are you guys sick of me?:ack:


Can I say that?
No no nooooo.....................i have to get mine before you..lol

Here depends on customs.... I was supposed to have it friday. That was only if everything went perfectly. I guess it'll be here soon enough though. Gotta start ordering equipment for it.

Hey Kyle, gonna need one of those mounts there that you are so proud of:biggrin:

anders e

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Ok......The plane has not shipped from my dealer in Sweden :(.........so i'm gonna drive from my home in Norway at 0400 to Sweden (500 kilometers) to get my plane as i said. Its a hollyday in Norway saturday-tuesday and i cant wait that long ;) And i then can visit the shop i'm a teampilot in for the first time :)

Hope to share pics with you tomorrow afternoon. Btw, i'm 6 houres in head of you ;)


Can I say that?
Am i the first customer with this plane?
Sorry for bad pics, but i'm tired after 1000km of driving ;)
I can take more later at tell you more about it. Looks BADASS!!!
I think you are. You beat me to it. Mine isn't going out till tuesday or wednesday.

I'm so freakin excited.

Think I'm going to do savox brushless 2270's on 2cell lipos and a 120 on stock muffs.

Are you going with one servo on the rudder or two?

Keep taking pics..