Dle 222 v3

Planetalker, have you got to fly the 222 yet? What prop are you running?
I'm mounting the engine up right now. It should be a fairly quick swap from the 200 to the 222 or vice versa. Just gotta get the baffling completed for the 222 and I'll be ready to fly it.

I'll be running my 30x13Evo.


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I ran a 32x12 mej on mine and it felt great to me. I know Spencer liked the 30x13 evo on his big Suk with the 222. If I remember right Kevin said it was close to 47/48 pounds
Yeh Spence's plane was heavy but that 222 pulled it around like a rag doll. That particular motor was very strong. I seemed to always fly right before Spence when he was in advanced and he'd run that thing up when I was in my sequence. Yikes it was hard to concentrate when he did that.:yikes:

I ain't gonna hold anything back on this 222. If it can't handle the advanced sequence (like the 200) then so be it. I'll just quit flying quads. But lookin' at the inards it looks very promising. 2mm larger pins and a peanut as thick as can be made. I like the forged castings too. My only criticism is bearing number 2. It's the same size as the nose bearing. But at least that bearing is serviceable without a trip back to Hobby Services.

Should be interesting either way it goes. If this thing can hold up to all the snap rolls then DLE has a huge winner.
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From what I have seen most run the 30x13 followed by the 32x12,31x12 and 32x10. Also the 3 blade Mejzlik but I forget the size right now.


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Looks awesome. Nice job on the baffeling!
If the cranks hold up they are a great bang for the buck.
Is that a Carden Pro?
Thanks Jim. Amazingly I switched the plane from a DA to a DLE in 5.5 hours. It was WAY easier than I expected. Yep, a pro that has had more engine swaps than I have fingers. Switching between the DA and the DLE will now be a snap. Sure hope this thing holds up.

I noticed right from the start that the motor had never been run. I got the Bowman rings installed, timing set at 31 front and back. Couldn't get it retarded any further without messing with the sensors. I figure 31 is in the 28-32 sweet spot. Came from DLE at 34 front and back. I'm going to go real easy on it for 5-6 flights to get the factory recommended one hour on it. NO SNAPS. After that it's sequence time and let's see what she'll do.

Hoping the KS95's don't squeeze it down too much. The cans have been Dawn'ed so they're squeaky clean inside. I'm assuming that 10.5 inch headers are good to go just like with the DA.

Wish us all luck on the 222. It's a great alternative/backup motor for those that have a DA200 and have been waiting for a long time for repairs as I have. I just couldn't take it any longer having my plane in mothballs.


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I did just the opposite, went from a DLE to a DA on my Dalton. It took me quite a bit longer to do the swap. The DA was quite a bit shorter so I had to build a stand off block, redo all my baffeling and the mounting holes were off. That was on a version 2 though.
I'm working on a Pro right now. I'm going with a DA 170 and RE 3's. If the 222 looks like it's going to hold up I would love to put my 200 in the Pro and then go with a 222 back in the Dalton. I just love the quads, but really don't want to spend another 3 grand for a 200.


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As far as 3 blades, I had my DA-200 installed in a CARF Sukhoi with a Mejlik 29x12n. It turned 6400 on the ground and pulled the 47lb plane through the unlimited sequence well. The plane just had a few characteristics I couldnt get used to after flying an Extra 260 for so long. I also tried the 30x13 and it was much too loud for my taste, without any noticeable power gain.
Well I got a gallon and half through the motor plus or minus. Before the first start it had very little compression due to never being run. After the gallon and a half and the Bowman rings this thing has WAY more static compression than all the 200's I have had. I mean you gotta really stroke this thing. Hard to believe it could settle in that fast but it did.

Running the factory needle settings the motor ran well pulling the pro with more authority than the 200. But I noticed that after the motor heat soaked after 5 minutes or so of flight that the power would drop off.

Upon landing the motor was literally stone cold. I could put my hand on top of the front jugs and leave them there. On the last flight I temp'ed the front cylinders at 119 and 117 - right/left. Obviously running way rich but I gotta say even at that it honked through the advanced sequence with nary a whimper.

Motor even running rich is smoother than the 200's I've had and I've had some shakers. By shake I mean that resonance just off of idle. All motors have it some worse than others. At this point I can tell this will be the smoothest motor that has been in the plane. My buddies 222 is so freakin' smooth it's scary. It has no bad spot in it. Hope mine settles down to be like his after I get these needles fine tuned.

Didn't tach the motor on the 30x13 yet but I did hammer it on the first startup after a good warm up and that prop was singing just like it did on my 200.

So conclusion so far is this motor is a keeper if it can haul the mail for a few years without something going wrong.

Going out tomorrow to punish it some more with the advanced sequence.

Forgot to mention that I didn't move my batteries around knowing that I'd be more nose heavy but so far its turning out that the plane grooves better so I'll leave it alone as far as balance goes.
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Ok 18 flights and 8.5 gallons. Motor just keeps getting better. I've not rebalanced the plane because it actually needed the nose weight. Motor is still a tad rich but I made my fourth adjustment on the lo end tonight. That should get it real close with the cooler weather coming. The DLE carbs are excellent. One thing I noticed with the 200 is when I pull the cowl off the bottom of the cowl would be fuel soaked. The choke plates were always dripping wet. Not so with the DLE carbs. Bottom of cowl is totally dry and the choke plates had a small bead of fuel hanging off the bottom of the plates. Nice.

Transition through rollers is markedly better. It's hard to believe DLE solved all of the carb problems plaguing the original 111 but they have. Awesome carb. And at $65 for a new one it's a bargain.

Ignitions use WAY less current than the DA ignition units. Don't know why though.

Conclusion so far is HOLY MOLY, this is a nice motor.

I pulled the trigger on a second one for my 125" EF300. The 200 never was enough power.

And speaking of power it's crazy strong. When that motor loads on uplines it explodes. I mean you can really see it. I haven't had to use full throttle once in the Advanced sequence whereas before I did. So at the end of a flight I'm basically at the same fuel consumption. Another thumbs up there.

I'll check back in at 20 gallons if she holds up. That would put me at 45 flights or so.
Hit 45 flights today at the Southwest Felix Ranch IMAC contest. I was surprised to see at least 2 other 222's there. Three in the advanced class. They were put through the paces all weekend and performed perfectly.
I just hit 10 gallons on my second 222. I initially ran the motor for the first 5 gallons of fuel on the stock exhaust. They cut down on the power quite a bit. I then put on a set of DA headers and KS95 rear dump cans and wow. This motor came alive.

Just like the first motor I had to babysit the needles closely. I'm still just a tad rich on the lo but even at that it's haulin my 45lb Extreme Flight 300 around with great authority!

Parking the EF300 and going back to my other plane to get some more serious time on that motor. Moving up in prop size from the break in 30x13 to a 32x12. It's quite a bit more load so it should be interesting to see how it works on a 40lb plane.


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I got a chance to fly a Carden 126 with the DLE 222 today and all I can say is wow. That thing is a beast. If the cranks hold up, they have a definite winner!

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The difference in current use between the DLE and the DA ignitions could be the difference between a hall sensor and a coil pick up.
We are doing our best here in the Southwest to bust one. We've got 13 of them running here in the imac community. Damn nice motors so far. Just does what a smooth quad should do I guess. Can't ask much more than that.

I'm not worried much about the cranks because of the 16mm crank pins and no more welding on the cranks.

I have taken my pro several times and done 6-8 upline snaps at full throttle. So it's not like I'm being gentle with the motor. I'm actually trying to break it. No mercy baby.

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We are doing our best here in the Southwest to bust one. We've got 13 of them running here in the imac community.
Can you confirm the weight? I've heard it's lighter than a stock DA-200.

How much more than your DA-200L did it weigh?

I wonder if DLE could make an "L" version with milled cylinder fins?