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Clown, True Turn isn't infallible. They turned a nose cone for a friends P-47 that was out .009 and shook the living crap out of everything. They made him send it back, examined it, made a new one and sent it back- he paid all shipping, and waited 2 months to get one that was within .003


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I've never had a messed up TruTurn from the factory, they get messed up once I mess with them. And with that in mind, I'e got a couple TruTurns for sale....


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Tru-Turn spinners are nice, and according to the manufacturer, "Don't need to be balanced" due to the close tolerance of machining......and thus, more accurate than most balancers (or the person doing the balance work) are capable of achieving.
But, regardless, they are adamant about not over torquing them, which will distort them (and ruin it)

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Any spinner that uses a center nut to secure it to the back plate has a high potential for being over torqued. All of them will react to excessive screw torque in the same manner initially. The back plate will become distorted (bent aft) when subjected to excessive screw torque. The shape distortion will generate quite a bit of vibration all by itself, negating any previous effects of being balanced.


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