Damn Wraparound Pitts


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OK, I'm on my second Wraparound Pitts for my DLE 55. the first one was a J tec that wound up stripping out the threads on the crankcase from not having it strapped. After putting in some Heli-coils I purchased the Bisson Wraparound Pitts with the strap. Bolts come loose again, vibration breaks strap. I'm done with these wraparounds. I ordered a pipe and a can. Now, my question is. What are you guys using for smoke fittings? I ordered the back bolted pressure fitting from tower but I don't think it's going to be good enough being the hole is very small. What do you think of what I have come up with? I took a 10/32 bolt and drilled out the center and will try to fit it in the header pipe and bolt it down with some ultra copper silicone. Do you think I will have a problem? Any and all suggesstions will be appreciated. Thanks, Slappy


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Ultracopper will not secure the fitting. It's not designed to work as an adhesive, only a sealant. Red Locktite would probably still work for the nut. As for smoke fittings, a simple threaded nipple has always worked. Some braze a small tube onto a pipe.

For your mufflers, if you start with clean threads and use red Locktite on them they usually don't loosen up, especially if a secondary support strap is installed between the muffler and the motor mount. Sounds like one part of that combination was missing before.


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Thank you T.O.M., I was planning on just using the Ultra Copper for sealing the inside of the fitting and using red locktite on the threads. However, I think upon further looking at a picture of the system, I think it has a smoke fitting in front of the can. Thanks again for the input.


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Sloppy I had that problem with my RCGF 45 the red lock tite
Worked great and I had a buddy weld a spot on the can
For putting on a strap to the motor mount