DA170 and KS95

Dean Bird

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After reading comments about this combination anybody know the best header length for this engine!!

I don't think header length is critical for canisters. It does matter for "tuned" pipes. Hopefully our resident engine expert can provide some real insight.


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KS canisters are tuned, they are 1/4 tuned. Therefore, header length is somewhat important, but not as critical as a tuned pipe.

For the KS 95 and a DA 150, Klaus recommends the header length be between 180 and 200 mm.

I have read, somewhere else, that for a DA 170, the header length should be 200 mm as well. (or 8" to 9").

in the past, others recommended 14", but that turned out to not be good.


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Header length absolutely IS critical to engine performance, even with canisters. Too long is not as much of a problem as too short. The problem with too long is, it generally results in less top end power being produced as the tuning effect is minimized, but otherwise engine performance will be OK. Too short can result in your engine running too hot and poor mid-range/transition, as well as poor top end power and/or an "explosive increase" in power once the engine reaches a certain RPM. IF running any type of tuned exhaust, header length IS critical for good performance at all throttle settings. Even with the PERFECT header length, most tuned exhausts usually create a non-linear powerband. This is why where noise is not a problem, the top 3D flyers almost NEVER run a tuned exhaust. IF you need more power, build lighter or buy a bigger engine.:crazy: