Cowlhead's 40% Extra 260


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Uh, yeah, the arms look to be 180 degrees off - just like Cowl, LOL!
I was waiting for a build on one of these, but I thought all of their ARF's were now HP ARF's with pre-made engine box and hinges predone, etc.?


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Did you iron the covering before you started? It is recommended that you run a medium heat covering iron over the Oracover before you stat putting things in to make sure all the seams will stay down. You don't want to be flying it on your 3rd or 4th flight and start having your covering come apart.


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Oh yeah, and buy the way, congrats on moving up to a real plane, lol.
Now you need a trailer, I may know where there is one for sale.


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Trailer is next. Rocky can chime in here but I believe all of the new versions are HP. But since I am an impatient bastard, Rocky came up with a plane for me. Thanks Rocky


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Does it have a hole in the side of it? Hey, I've got as great idea....Lets have Tammy put the plane together and have Cowl take the pictures.


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So my setup is as follows:

9156's on all surfaces
EQ 10 for power managment with slider switch
A123's on RX
Fromeco Weasel Mah counter (like the kodiak without the switch)
3W170 on Cans LL90k
Custom made extensions

I hope to have it done in 2 weeks if all goes well.