Coming SOON!


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36 days and three build nights. I'm nervous about having her ready even without the recover and repaint..



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SHHHHHHH!Nobody saw me here but four months later and I finally picked up the Yak. I will try and sneak a couple picks of my progress here and there. Miss all you BASTARDS even you Princess. See you at a friendly field in 09. With a plane and a HELO AHHHHHHH!

Yeah I fly but i recomend you take cover when the skids leave the gorund.



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I need the 44% MX2 as well... will that be on the next container???

Uhhh... was I s'posed to let that out???

OOOOps!!! sorry

Merry Christmas Rocky... I need a hair cut..


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i dont think rockey is going to have it by then the AMA is too soon
but who know he might surprise us


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Ive done good recently....havent needed a new plane for a long time. Still huckin the SebArt that plane.
When and if I ever do need another...probably be another SebArt katana.
I would like a Sebart Katana 120 though...electrified of course.


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I have plenty to fly. I just need something to build to keep me away from the TV at night. As soon as I sit down to watch TV I start munching.


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35% Status

Fire wall glued in, 106 mounted, igniton mounted, New custom rudder tray mounted. Throttle bracket assembled and ready for install, elevators hinged, looking for a tailwheel? Tonight finish throttle install and hinge alierons.

Gmoney told me the story on the 59% Edge. Seems as though some where going to do small parts of the build then final assembly at Showtimes house!! Ah the only guy that did his part was RAcerBob and Jb/Money picking up and delevery with the thing. Not to worry I saw it and its back on its gear and a new rudder tray template is mocked up( I guess RAcerbob has a huge cat that took a nap inside this beast) There are a bunch of marks on the cowl from the painter. Some guy has offered to final sand and cover the wings.

Gmoney told me to tell you guys to SUCK IT!!!!