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Hey guys I just thought I had to post something about my experience with the new owner of Cactus. I posted a thread about a problem I had with my 3W100 a few months ago. It stuck a rod bearing shortly after coming back from Cactus. Bobby had just given it a clean bill of health about 1 month before this happened. I called Bobby and told him I was sending it back and he kinda sorta indicated he would work with me to keep the cost down. About a week later I called to check on it and Bobby told me that he had sold the business to his partner Jeff. I won't go into that other than to say I was not pleased. To keep this short I just want to say that some time went by and a few things happened and with Bobby being out of the picture, Jeff and I have had a few conversations. In the end I have give massive props and kudos to Jeff. This guy put up with me over a 2 month period when he could have blown me off. It was not his problem but he treated it and me like it was. In the end he got me out of the 100 and into a new 110 had a great price I could not turn down. He did not have to do this but he did and I will forever be a customer. By the way lets not start with I should have sent it to Gerhard. He had a hand in this too. If this is the way Jeff is going to treat his customers I am sure he is going to have a successful future. Again thanks again Jeff and wish you well.
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Excellent Paul. Glad to hear that you got everything straightened out, after all you have been thru. Big kudos to Jeff and Cactus!!!!

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I had heard that Bobby sold Cactus but did not know to whom so said nothing about it.

The West Coast needs a 3w distributor that can be relied upon to take and fill orders on a timely basis, be available during business hours, return phone calls, ship orders when they say they will, and handle repairs accurately and professionally.

Getting Bobby out of Cactus is the only way this could happen and it's refreshing to read the new owner is starting out on the right track.

Welcome back Cactus Aviation!


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Is it too late to say that Bobby (in my humble opinion) was a cork soaking slimeball? If he were on fire, I wouldn't pi$$ on him to put it out.

Glad to hear the business is in new hands.... the west coast needs a good dealer for some good products.


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OH NO.... that 110 will be way too much power....that airframe I sold you is shaking in its pants....

Lets see....a nice new 35% plane is what it needs....


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OK.... how's this... he held a brand new PREPAID motor hostage, after I waited for over a month for it, until I paid him a $50 ransom because he said it cost him more to get it in than he expected....

Like you said, glad to hear that the store is in new hands, and I wish the new owner much success. I'll quick complaining now.


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Cool. Now I can send in my 75 to get checked out. I refused to give AI or Bobby any of my money after my past experiences with them. Glad to hear the new owner is off to a good start.


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I spoke with Jeff this afternoon. My first dealings with him. What a super guy!! He knows the hobby well and I think he will take care of business.
I also had problems with Bobby as well as some of my fellow Vegas rc pilots. I hope Jeff can overcome come the Bobby stigma.

I've had great dealings with Gerhardt, so no wars here. Just like to have options.

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It is nice to have alternatives on each coast to send powerplants to. I really think that you guys will be really happy with Jeff and Cactus Aviation, despite the past owner problems. Don't let the past keep you from doing business with him and Cactus Aviation.

Jeff can overcome the negativity, as long as noone keeps on with it. He needs good, positive vibes here guys. :)


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Well then I will jump on the band wagon, Sent one of my engines in to jeff for a quick look and check out ,he seems very good at what he doseHe called when he said he would and shipped the same. Gerhart would do the same, Bobby not even close. but like it was said options are nice :thumbsup: