Boomerage Jet Parts All Models

Hello friends,
I buy a few planes and sell them from time to time. So a buddy asked me if I could sell some RC Jet Airframe parts that he had acquired.
What I have is multiple Boomerang Jet Airframe replacement parts Wings, Booms, Wingtips, elevators, rudders, fuselages, canopies etc.... The models I have (but not limited to since a full inventory has not yet been done) is for the Nano, XL, Elan, Sprint, Torus and so on. I do not know as of yet if the Version 1 parts with fit any of the Version 2 planes. but it is highly possible. I will update the listing as I learn more. Please contact me if you are in need and I will try my best to help you save a few bucks and get your plane in the air... All parts are brand new and will be warrantied by us.
Also, I want to mention that we have multiple color schemes in the lot.
Please, pm for info Thank you, Joe...
If there is a better place to share this info I would be grateful for your help. I do not fly and am not educated on Turbine airframes as I am with prop planes
PM me for info or Google Gotta know Joe Hobbies and call