Averagebrunette's Flight Log


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Well, I spoke to her a couple hours ago, she didn't do no flying either, the weather pukes said rain, thunder, and lightning all day, made her go to the airplane museum instead. There was no rain, thunder, and lightning all day. :ack:


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I think of her every time I fly my Ultimate since she did such a badass build on her's and it met an untimely demise. Flew it yesterday as a matter of fact. Lori and I missed you at Nall this year Jasmine! Here's one for you



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I was working that day, tried to tell her not to maiden, but kept my mouth shut. Then I heard the bad news. :(


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I helped a buddy with a 50cc Raven.....new bird.....Bigass Hacker on 12S......the manual said a 20~22 inch prop......the previous owner included a 24x10 Xoar E-prop.....According to the manual, the prop was too big.....but, we spooled the sonofabitch up in my living room with an amp meter on it to check static amp draw, and before it reached WFOT, the meter was over 70 amps.....(The specs say 50 amp continuous, 65 burst) so I told him to shut it down......but not before the prop wash knocked down a picture frame off my fireplace mantel.....in the next room! F-n 32 feet away!
There is still dust and sh it floating around my living room!


Nice looking plane you got there average brunette,and looks like some good flying too.Enjoy the hobby it's the best in the world I think .I am hoping guitar will be my second hobby,but flying is my #1 passion.