April EMAC: Flying for Dollars $$$$$


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Yesterday we had our EMAC for April. While the rest of Southern California fought high winds, down at the beach we had perfect conditions, 80 degrees, light winds straight down the runway, and not a cloud in the sky. 21 pilots showed up to fly the sequences, and the new time freestyle contest.

The freestyle was held over the lunch break, with four pilots entering. Judging was a "pilots choice", with $100 dollars going to the pilot who got the most votes. The final finishing order was Jeff Szueber, Matt Szueber, Pedro Brantuas, and Curtis Pilcher. These guys all flew great, and everyone got some votes from the fans.

The pictures are just starting to come in. I'll post them as they do. To get things started here are a few.

Jeff rolling low. The background says it all, great flying, beautiful location.
Torque rolling over flowers.jpgRSZ.jpg

Winning $100 for having fun, EMAC Rocks!
Jeff Szueber wins 100$ 1 st Freestyle SDEMAC 4 08.jpgRSZ.jpg

Pedro, coming id inverted through the palms!
Pedro Brantuas`s Yak At SDEMAC4 08.jpgRSZ.jpg

Matt, rolling low. Matt actually made a cute young lady scream and run away, and he had a hat on today so we know it wasn't the Mohawk!
Matt Szuebers Yak at SD.jpgRSZ.jpg


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What a great time. All the pilots flew really well and the freestyle was a blast to watch. It really got me excited for the Riverside IMAC where they will be flying freestyles as well. Curtis put up a great flight and I think it was his first time doing a four minute free. Jeff, well what can you say, he is a talented young veteran pilot. Pedro put the Yak through it paces and fought through the nerves. Now Matt, well that kid was lighting it UP!!! To bad your speed control went into thermal shutdown Matt, you had my vote!
Thanks you guys for sacking up and getting out there. I will join you next time.



Oh Yah! The EMAC and Freestyle was the best ever! This event just keeps getting better. The planes are growing in size and the pilots are having a great time flying straight lines.

Dean Bird

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WOW!!! Based on those pictures, are you sure the event wasn't in Hawaii !!

Sounds like a great time!!!!!!

Awesome to hear Matt is flying and doing great. Have fun Matty!!!


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Thanks! We are lucky to have our electric field located in Mission Bay Park. It actually adjoins Sea World. It is a beautiful setting. You should come out for one of our events this summer when it is too hot at home. Vacation, in San Diego, bring your horse out to our horse ranch, and fly my planes. I have plenty of both electric and gas.

Dean Bird

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You should come out for one of our events this summer when it is too hot at home.
That's my rationale for the Camarillo contest.

I'll see what I can do to make an EMAC. Do you have a schedule posted somewhere? I'm sure if I looked it's probably in the EMAC forum.

Thanks for any info,

the contest was a blast.... i had a great time. Cant wait untill the next one. it gets bigger and better everytime...
I am getting my plane fixed so be ready for a full 4 mins of freestyle at the next one!!!