Aeroworks 60cc Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L


Introducting Aeroworks Newest Addition...

The New 60cc Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L

Just picked one of these New 60cc Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L planes up from Aeroworks. I had a chance to see the Prototype before it became available to purchase. What a Fantastic new RC Airplane Aeroworks has created!
I got to see this New plane in Action at our annual Rocky Mountain 3D Throw Down just about a week ago on June 20-22. It was flown by Aeroworks Team Pilot, Andrew Grant. Andrew really put it through it's paces. I was Amazed at it's performance! The plane presents very well in the air and is very easy to see. I cannot wait to have mine done and flying.

Since the 4th of July is here and I am going camping starting thursday. I'm gonna start my build and hope to have it done for a maiden on the 12 or 13th. I will add alot more info as I go and pictures. Everyone loves pictures!

I will be putting a DA60 in mine, and I will list all the gear as well.
If your looking for a new 3D Airplane, try looking at the new Aeroworks 60cc Freestyle Extra 260.

I hope I didn't leave anything out, but I probably did. It's an Exciting time to be in the Hobby, as one of my good friends always says! Stay tuned and share your thoughts.


Wing Span 91 inches.
Wing Area 1592 sq. in.
Fuse Length (Rudder to Front of Cowl) 78"
Fuse Length (Rudder to Front of Spinner) 82.5"
Cowl Width 10"
Spinner 3.5"
Weight 17.5 to 18.5 pounds
Engine 50cc to 60cc Gas and the DA70
Radio 4 Channels minimum

Strong Light Weight Construction
Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
Air Foiled Tail Section
Removable Two Piece Stabs
Removable Two Piece Wings
Aluminum Landing Gear
Carbon Wing and Stab Tubes
Compound Non-Flex Duel Truss Control Horns
Strong and Light Tail Wheel
CompleteHigh Quality SAE Hardware Package Included
Removable Inner and Outer Wing SFG’s
Removable Inner Stab SFG’s
Pre-mounted Canopy
Professionally covered in Premium Custom Covering
Pin Style Hinges (Not Glued)
Large control surfaces double beveled for Maximum Throw
Pre Mounted Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
Custom Decal Set Included
C.G. Buddy for Quick and Accurate Balancing
8 to 10 Hours assembly Time

Wing and Stabilizer SFG’s
Carbon Main Landing Gear
Carbon Tail Wheel

Aeroworks Link
Manual Link


DA70 installed in this picture. Notice the plug on the side of the cowl.



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I dunno, after seeing a wing fold on a friend's Edge in flight, I'm staying away from Aeroworks :ack:

(and VQ models, I had one break off on a Mustang too :D)


For sure Cody. I'll be doing the 120 as well.

Jim, hopefully soon. I'm sure it'll be sweet being my own.



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Subscribing as well. I have a bunch of AW planes and like them very much.


Awesome job Aeroworks! Team Pilots Andrew Grant and Jonathan Jennings took 1st and 2nd place. Andrew did a great job!
Good job to Jonathan as well. A pair of great pilots!
This all took place at the 2014 MegaHuckfest - King 50
in Monroe Michigan. Check YouTube out for videos that will be uploaded.




Team Pilot Johnathan Jennings took 2nd place this past weekend at the NOF 3D Tour. Johnathan was flying the new 60cc Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L……. Great flying Johnathan! Check out the video of Johnathan flying.




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I have one of these that I preordered and literally built the night it showed up. This is a bad ass airframe, really fun to fly. I've flown the piss out of it in the last few months. I try to be careful with it because this is my "nice" airplane, but man the stuff it will do is nuts. If only the pilot was better...

Also I think this HAS to be the luckiest airplane I've ever owned. It has had 3-4 deadsticks because of stupid little stuff, two of them in REALLY bad spots, and there still isnt a scratch on it. (Hope I didn't jinx it.)


Maiden Day of my 60cc Freestyle 9-21-14

I finally finished my Extra 260 Freestyle. It's taken me way too long.
I let Andrew Grant use my motor for the King 50 Flying event, and have been looking into a HV setup and newer servos. I tried several different servos and did not like some compared to what I settled for.

Got the plane all trimmed out and could not believe at how well the plane tracked. My setup is a little tail heavy, but not much. The Pitts muffler may have helped with instead of the stock muffler. Also, I may add a Tru-Turn aluminum spinner. The carbon gear would be nice but is not necessary as I need the little extra from the stock gear. If I add a carbon tail wheel this may help with my cg.
I will resolve this. I used the Blazing Star engine mount which is 1.50 inches.
I still need about a washer or tad more to have my spinner clear the cowl. I was afraid the spinner would rub as it is very close. My Compact muffler works to clear the cowl, but the corner is just touching it. I will have to open a small hole in the cowl to relieve this. The Pitts muffler would clear and works great.
It would add a little of nose weight also. I just was looking for a very clean and cool look with the louvers I cut into the cowl. I will add one or two washers between the engine and mount to push the motor forward.

Aeroworks Did a Fantastic job of designing a great 3D Freestyle Plane. The Plane dose track very well also. If you are into High Energy 3D stuff, this is the plane! I did a few mod's. Check out my pictures.

Here's what I settled for:
Blazing Star Aluminum engine mount / spacer
JTec stock muffler custom compacted
Falcon 24x9 carbon prop
Home made Fiji 16 ounce tank
Hitec HS7950TH servos
SWB servo arms, 1.50's on aileron, 2'' on elevator, and a 3 inch on rudder.
Spektrum AR9110 Power Safe receiver
Smart Fly Pin Flag Switch
Thunder Power 2s 2700mah Prolite Lipo's x 2 for power
Tech Aero Ultra IBEC for Ignition
Kavan 3.50'' Tires

AUW 17.4 lbs, no fuel




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Congrats on the maiden Cory! I must have just missed you out there. Too bad, I would have loved to see it fly.


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Just wondering about the infamous high-vibration DA60 on this airframe. I'm still trying to decide to buy or avoid the DA60 because of so many reports of unsmooth running. I find it hard to believe that a DA would be such a problem and yet reports persist.

Comments on your experience with this plane?


Just wondering about the infamous high-vibration DA60 on this airframe. I'm still trying to decide to buy or avoid the DA60 because of so many reports of unsmooth running. I find it hard to believe that a DA would be such a problem and yet reports persist.

Comments on your experience with this plane?
This is my first DA60, but it is a little power house.
Time will tell, but no worries. A DLE61 may have less vibration?