Aeroworks 150cc Ultimate Assembly


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I know you really like it and yes I want one, but...
Are there any characteristics that are less that perfect??
Upside down flight (more downward tendencies that a mono wing?).
Any coupling on edge?
It sounds like its long enough to do blow overs without over rotating.
Can't wait to see one fly (live).


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Saw this plane fly today in person. The 3w 4 banger has too much power! A 170 would be a better combo in my opinion, but the 220 was so smooth and very quiet. This plane not only looks good but it flies good as well. It can do it all with style. The only one thing I can say bad about it and just like my old AW ultimate, on high alpha knife edges if you add too much rudder the plane will want to break away- you just have to get used to it. Very nice plane.