Aerotech 52% Extra 300 SP prototype build

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Matt's family home did a few months ago. No one was harmed as they were away on vacation at the time, but indeed they lost all of the aerotech belongings.


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I just bought this airplane from the internet and it came in several really big boxes, the only thing that was missing was the instruction booklet.

i have the plans but need th building instructions, does anyone have them or can i download them?

thanks to all for your help.


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The plan right now is to be at nall on Wednesday the 11th, so I will see you there. I am going to help a buddy finish his 55% 260, then I have a 40% SD Models Yak that I am putting a DA 150 in with piped and shooting for around 35-36 lbs. I guess time will tell.


i purchased the kit from the internet and all i received was the plans and no instruction booklet.

do you know where i can find one or order one???

i was hoping to start this project this winter



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i purchased it through r/c Universe and it was a kit from Aerotech, everything is present except the building instructions.
i tried to send you a response to your message to me but it would not send it out.

if you can give me someone to call for a copy or email me a number to call you to discuss [email protected]

thanks Bob,