82 year old Dude is selling engine collection


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I was going to title the thread, Mofo's Engines....but, didn't want to be offensive or insulting.......this dude has a engine collection he is now selling.....Crazy. Guess, it would take too much room to find airframes, and think of all the servos you would need. You'd also burn up an undetermined number of starter motors, cranking up that collection. Oh, and think of the noise.

Here is an ebay link:

Says his 82 year old dad is selling his collection of 541 engines. Wow. Glad to know, I don't have an airplane obsession.



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There's a thought....instead of one engine at a time, he should sell the entire lot to a collector for one lump sum.
Nice little $100K check. :)


Look at the tiny engine with the big yellow prop, now if only DA could make an engine that would swing a prop in proportion to that.


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I think that's a C02 engine- I've never seen one run, but they are tiny!


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Ha, just dropped in to check this old thread......they are still selling some rare engines!
A Rossi Twin .60 recently.
And, with 1 day to go, a NIB AXIFLOW RK049 fan unit.....there was the LONGest time I was wanted one of those fans, along with the Midwest foam A4 Skyhawk......I gave up looking for those years ago.........
Another cool item selling in a day.....Kavan Glow to Spark conversion unit.



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I had built up one of those Axiflow fans years ago. i Used a K&B 3.5 engine in it at the time. It was pretty cool though. I had put it on Henkel HE-162 at the time. If I remember correctly, Midwest was selling the kit at the time too. It was a little underpowered but it flew Ok. The flight times were limited by the fuel tank size.