60 Cent Yak Video


Can I say that?
yeah baby....
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ProBro Matt-chew

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It looks like a couple 40% wing tubes for the landing gear legs..lol

but damn, could you imagine what just the covering would cost :eek:


Nice Sweater
3 dub 342 for power
4.7m wingspan
Split fuse behind the canopy for easier transportation.
Weighs in at 115Lb.
Electronics are Powerbox Royal plus 18 Spektrum 6030 servos at 20Kg each.
Took 6 months to design.
Started building August 2009 and finished 2 weeks ago.
Has to be inspected and passed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)


Plank Junky
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Beautiful model! Amazing build! I doubt we're going to see it doing any 3D demo's! I bet snaps are out of the question... At least it looked like it.


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Amazing when you think that guy designed it, and then built every piece of it then actually flew it. Only a handful of guys doing that anymore. I do see more each year giving it a go. Hey he has something NO one else has and that in it self is cool. One day I will sack up and do something cool and build a plane I design.. Yeah right!

I have decided to put SPADS on all my planes. I love then.. Think about it when was the last time you repaired the trailing edge of a wheel pant.. Its always the front that cracks or right and the gear leg. Never at the rear..