42% Raven


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What say yall on the EG 42% raven? I am just wondering how well the quality is as well as how well they fly. Does it fly like an Edge or what? Looks kinda Edgy.

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Cover shot, MA 10/09!!!
They fly great!!!! I've flown the 42% EG Raven that John Drake owns. He is also the owner of OMP. I know he has a couple left, and is looking for guys to buy them!! Give him a call this week, and the price he shoots you, just might bring a big smile to your face!


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been busy switching jobs. new job has me working in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Way too far north for this redneck. Them hills scare me.
Just started digging my stuff back out. The boys decided they were ready to start back so here we go. How ya been Clown


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Still goofy as hell. Was working for myself playing with electricity for a while there, finally got tired lining up the jobs, tired of electrical work, now working on cars once again. Glad you're still 6 feet above ground.