40% Carden Extra 330


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I have been given a project to do, and that is to restore a Carden 330. I will post pictures of the plane in its current state. Here is the idea I have for the scheme, do you guys think that a graphics company could cut the graphics for the wings? Other than the top of the wings the scheme is pretty basic.



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You will love that plane. I can get the graphics cut for you no problem. Do you have any better pictures of the scheme?



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A picture directly from the top would be best. IF you can't find anything I am sure we can work with these. Just makes it easier.



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It kicks ass. Do it! Anything not stamped out at an ARF factory is cool! Tools!

Are those wings 2 tone?


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I'm in the man-ass group.

The White/Red artwork looks pretty neat, but the stark contrast to the dark blue fuse and lack of any colors on the tail feathers is harsh to me.

Need to add some white and red to the rudder and stab. Then need to tone down the fuse with some white. Then, to pull it all together, somehow work some blue into the wing and tail scheme... then it will work.

If you look at any attractive monotone (no gradient) color scheme, you will see generally 3 basic colors, and they appear on all major surfaces in a balance or symmetry. You must select one dominant color for all the major surfaces, and use the other two as art, bordering and highlights. Most any scheme can have small white or black features to define or separate colors too close together on the color wheel...

That's my 2 cent$
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