3D Farm Flying


Huckin Fire Trucker
i am....................................
Would be cool for us guys that can't get out there to see more activity here. Thank heaven for facebook huh?


Whiny Old Man
Picked these up yesterday for next years stick racing. For those of you that's not on FB.

They are going in the attic for now. I'll collect more stuff for them at Swap meets.



3D Farm Bartender
Actually non of the Farm threads are very active. I guess life gets in the way. I try to look at them all from time to time.


Huckin Fire Trucker
Got my Fly-RC mag today. Great write up about HOW. You boy's may get over-run with people this year now it's published :thumbsup::yikes:
The wife and I are looking to plan a 2 week vacation in the next year or 2 and have calculated the fuel to drive my Dodge with my smaller 6x10 trailer out. Looks to be around $1,200. Not too bad all things considered, just need to pay off my Ranger and 5th wheel and we should be in a position to make it work. I'm sure Joe Nall would be great too, but I've gotta go fly the Farm !!!!!