2013 Huck-O-Ween shirts !!!!


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dr_d_2k said:
Shouldn't that be between you and your wife or you and any 3d farm hand, mouth or whatever.
He gives me a mouth hug over Skype and I have silly string on a remote above his monitor so I can replicate a happy finish in his face.

Rod Bender

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I want to thank Chason and anyone\everyone else that put this years shirts together and make it happen. Once again HIGH quality shirts, the artwork is unreal, it's so fruken 3D Farm. Great job !! :thumbsup:


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Chason, make sure I remember correctly, you are holding mine until HOW and I will pay you then? If you like I can send you the $ in the mail or PayPal and pick them up when we get there. Been way too busy and honestly hadn't thought about it until this evening.
Same here


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they are awesome got to see them first hand saturday Rusty and Sydney had theres on:thumbsup:eek:ver here


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Man I didn't even think of send yours and Brian's with Rusty. Sorry
Not a problem. Rusty said he thought about it when he was about halfway here.