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  1. dominicm

    Micro Douglas DC-3 Dakota (with retracts & lights)

    Another creation from depron wizard Jürgen Schönle. This Douglas DC-3 Dakota features retracts and navigation lights. These micro RC aircraft take significant effort to build. Jurgen told me that some of the individual parts can take 10 attempts to create because the 0.2mm depron material used...
  2. dominicm

    Avios C-130 Hercules with parachute drop

    Exploring the slow flight characteristics of this model after a lot of feedback suggesting it 'flies like a rocket'. Just proves how wrong folks can be!
  3. dominicm

    Avios C-130 Hercules with parachute drop

    Superb re-creation of the C-130 with scale retractable landing gear and synchronised doors, flaps, operational cargo bay door and high intensity lights all round. Action from my first two flights after showing the kit itself before assembly.
  4. dominicm

    FlyFly Beechcraft DUKE B60 twin

    Took James a while to put this kit together. FlyFly kits are basically styrofoam airframes with the motor/escs thrown in so there was a lot to do. Patience paid off though and despite the excessive elevator throws it flew really well. [video]
  5. dominicm

    Jet turbine powered 50% scale Fox glider

    Manufactured by Paritech and flown by Azza Stephens at the Southern Model Show a few weeks back. Precision aerobatics at its best. Full spec of this amazing machine... Paritech Fox, 50% scale, 9 x Spektrum 6265 servos, Kingtech 210 turbine engine, 2 x Spektrum 12 channel Powersafe receivers, 4...
  6. dominicm

    Durafly Bonanza V-Tail 1940’s civilian passenger plane

    On maiden flight used too large a flight battery but on this second flight the 3S1500 transformed it into an awesome flyer.
  7. dominicm

    New Runcam 3S action cam on the 1.7m Freewing A-10

    Tried out the new Runcam 3S on the Freewing A-10. Multiple angles but the rear view showing the fans spinning is coolest bit of onboard I have shot in a long time.
  8. dominicm

    Freewing BAe Hawk EDF Jet smashes into tree

    Great to see 3 of these awesome little EDF jets go up together. The temptation to fly through the gap in the trees was too great for the pilots. They nearly all made it through. Nearly. :(
  9. dominicm

    Turbine powered Rafale with Flare Counter-Measures at HobbyKing UK Live

    Mark Hinton flies his large scale Aviation Design Rafale at the HobbyKing UK Live event. I have filmed this in the past at other UK shows but on this occasion Mark had added some simulated flare counter-measures. Looked good against the dark skies we had on the particular day.
  10. dominicm

    Giant 1:5 scale Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero with Fuel Tank Drop

    Gregg gave us a superb demonstration of his super scale Zero at the North London MFC Scale Day. Built from a Meister plan. Wingspan is 108 inches. Overall weight is 40 lbs. The engine is a Sachs Dolmar 70cc. Features a detachable fuel tank which he dropped towards the end of his flight...
  11. dominicm

    NEW Durafly T-28 Trojan Naval Aviation Centennial Edition

    A new version of the T-28 Trojan in, what I think, is the best scheme Durafly have ever applied to a model. Takes a few minutes to assemble, drop in a receiver and setup the transmitter. No decals to apply. It comes out of the box as you see it on the box. In the air the most noticeable...
  12. dominicm

    Two Freewing F-14 Tomcat EDF jets in close formation

    This was fun to film. Who needs expensive turbine jets when you can get these amazing ready to fly electric ducted fan EDF jets for a fraction of the price. They look superb in the air and especially when there are 2 of them being flown so well together.
  13. dominicm

    HobbyKing UK models revealed

    Fairly sure some of the models shown on the stands have not been seen before ! At least 3 of them are new. Amazes me how many new models HobbyKing continue to push out regularly.
  14. dominicm

    1:5 scale Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Sorvolando Compositi)

    The Republic F-84F Thunderstreak scale jet from Sorvolando Compositi (distributed by Rc-Passion) displays at Weston Park International Model Show 2018 in the highly skilled hands of Federico Spada. At 1:5 scale and with it's impressive scheme it looks super realistic against the threatening...
  15. dominicm

    SkySword Sport Jet

    Out with the SkySword again this time exploring how aerobatic it is on the stock setup. Didn't all go to plan. Onboard shots from the Runcam2 positioned on top of the tail !
  16. dominicm

    JavaHawk EDF jet

    Not often I come across a scratch built model like this. Scratch built from plan. Flew quite well I thought. Filmed at Old Warden Aerodrome.
  17. dominicm

    SkySword Sport Jet

    Was nervous about flying this one out of my small local grass flying field but was no problem. It's a very unique and distinctive looking jet! Get the nose wheel off the deck for the positive AOA and it's airborne quickly on the stock power system. Maybe 10mph of semi-gusty wind when I flew...
  18. dominicm

    F-4D Phantom II (Freewing EDF jet)

    I have filmed several turbine F-4 Phantoms. It's an iconic jet and have always wanted to try flying one but a turbine version is well out of my reach. Cue to Freewing F-4D Phantom II. Looks like the real thing after 15 minutes of assembly and applying the decals. Dropped in my receiver and a...
  19. dominicm

    'Dawn Patrol' WWI Fighters and Scouts

    An array of fantastic WWI fighters and scouts in this slot at RAF Cosford. Each model aircraft built from plan by hand by its owner. Certainly challenging to fly in any kind of wind but the weather was fairly kind to us on this day.
  20. dominicm

    Big 1.7m Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II EDF jet

    With all my recent filming of turbine A-10s I had to have the nearest thing. One of the 'Essential RC' team had told me Motion RC had opened an EU warehouse so after a quick stock check on their web site I made the order for the big 1.7m Freewing A-10. It shipped same day and was with me 2 days...