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    This used to be me...

    remember this..
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    Anyone tried these props

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    AW Yak 54

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    PowerBox RRS

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    EQ-10 and batts

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    Eq 10

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    Yo Tim

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    Check this out.....

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    Take a look

    Lie To us ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page) Showtime Today 10:52 AM by Mithrandir 93 1,728 Not bad for one week.
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    F/S Part bins

    Ok i have two snap on tool part bins filled with turn buckles screws washers and servo arms and so on. I would say i have about $500.00 bucks worth of stuff in them. So both boxes and a Powerbox rrs champ for $485.00 Thats a grand worth of stuff. Picturs coming soon.
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    Lie To us

    This thread is made for straight up lies. But it has to be RC related... Ok here is mine. I beat QQ in the 2002 TOC freestyle. Yerp thats right
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    JR 12x

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    I love my 3w

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    3w 157 twin spark

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    JR 8711hv $199.00

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    Tested TZB props

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    Turbo Props

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    Mith how was!

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    F.S 3w 170

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    JR 8711 gear striped