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    Hempel 50CC Yak Prop suggestions??

    Hey Guys- Been out for a while, hoping to get back into the air.. I have a 50cc Hempel Yak, with a DA50 on it.. I was running a Zoar prop, but it was pretty weak.. Any recommendations for a good general purpose prop? Flight style is beginner, basic IMAC and beginner 3D.. Thanks...
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    DW Foamies 48" Yak 55

    Sorry, not sure where this should go... I failed to do a build thread, we were too excited to get the planes together to stop and take pics :-) Anyway, I have read a lot of reviews, and rarely do I see a negative one. After awhile, I start to question all the good reviews.. I started...
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    Finally some good press?

    Saw this on Yahoo this morning, finally some good press about RC ??
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    Spektrum AR6250 Recall

    Ok, hope this doesn't get the Ford vs Chevy arguments going.. Just saw something about JR/Spektrum recalling the AR6250 receivers as they may loose signal when used in close proximity to carbon fiber or other reflective materials... So, first off, congrats to HH, JR and Spektrum for...
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    Budget Gas Can

    Hey guys- I know most are using electric pumps.. I would like to as well, but that is $$$ I just don't have.. I saw a friend at the field with a really nice Slimline setup for slime. Turns out they offer a Gas version as well.. So, I went ahead and grabbed this kit for $50. It includes...
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    First Time Cowl Cutter

    Hey Guys- This will be my first crack at cutting a cowl.. So I wanted to get some opinions before slicing away.. I also wanted to break this question of the the build thread, and then add the info back in after it boils down :D So, plane is 50cc BH Yak 55. Engine is DA-50 with...
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    Secraft Side Servo Mount - Where to get'em?

    Anyone have an extra Side Servo mount they could sell me? Or are there any shops in So Cal that carry these? Open to alternatives as well, I just don't feel like whittling on balsa to make a mount right now.. Thanks! --Dave--
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    How To Covering Question

    Any suggestions on the best way to add some contrast to my wing? I am thinking I need to lay the bottom stripes first, and then the bottom side leading edge. I will wrap the lower material up over the center of the LE bevel, and then trim by running some scissors down it. Next step is to lay...
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    Posting issue

    Hi Showtime- Found another one.. It has happened a couple of times, but I didn't realize what was going on.. I was trying to do a quick reply to an existing thread. After typing it up, I hit the button, and it looks like nothing happens. However, this time I noticed a line was added above...
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    Uploading pics

    Maybe this is for Showtime? Just FYI, I know some are having trouble with uploading pics.. I am in the process of uploading, and the JS applet kicked this out after selecting to upload pics.. PHP Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in...
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    BH 50CC Yak 55 build

    So, a whole bunch of guys stepped up and helped me pick up a 50cc Yak 55. I got it over the weekend, and am starting on it.. Overall, I doubt there will be anything exciting in the build, but I will try to document just the same :-) Gotta give a big thanks to Jason, Bodywerks (Nick), and...
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    What is up with UAVs?

    'K, seems like a whole bunch of you guys are in the UAV business in one aspect or another.. So, what's the deal? I am asking because my industry (semiconductors) is down right now, and with the shift to Asia, it might not come back up in the US. It might be a good time for me to...
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    Anyone looking for a BME 50cc?

    Still searching for the ever elusive used 50cc bare airframe.. Found one, but it has a BME 50 on the front.. Owner is not too hip on breaking it up.. Sooo.. Anyone looking for a BME 50cc engine? ;)
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    Pilot RC vs AW vs TT-TOC

    Hey Guys- sorry to keep hitting the same topic.. I am trying to find my new 50cc airframe.. Last one was an AW E300LP.. Tail feathers and right wing survived that one.. So, I am looking around, and with some of the sales going on right now, for the same price I can get an AW Extra...
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    Cermark - Peak Models??

    Anyone have any experience with the Cermark planes? Looks like they are from Peak Models.. I know, I am beating the bushes.. Just trying to set my sites on the next plane.. I thought this Extra 330L looked pretty interesting at 88" and 16.5lbs Extra 330L
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    Wanna hear me whine?

    Hey Guys- I find myself without an airframe at the moment.. I may get comp'd one, but I am not holding my breath.. In the meantime, I am scheming to see what else I can do, as I am flat busted at the moment. I am not seeing a lot of airframes up for sale, mostly RTF packages.. I am...
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    Lingerie Football League?

    Am I the only loser that thinks this is a good idea? It's on KDOC right now (9:05pm) I think the website if Looked like they wanted to start a cat fight a minute ago.. :D
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    50cc redundant A123 questions

    Hey Guys- I wanted to use dual A123 on my next 50cc bird. I had settled on a JR1222 dual battery receiver. The Rx includes a soft switch.. I thought I was all set.. I started thinking about it a little more, and I don't know if the Rx is smart enough to tell me if I had a battery problem on...
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    Another waste of time

    Got to poking around after the cop duster pic, and found this website.. Great waste of time right there...
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    QQ 85" Yak, no longer for sale . . .

    I was a little hesitant to grab a Circus Hat with the "It's just toys" motto, as I am more on the conservative side of flying, and it just seems kinda poser-ish to sport the swag but not fly hard.. I have been trying to step it up, and I guess blew it.. I am very happy to report this...