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  1. BryceSteenburg

    engine baffling

    I made a quick drawing on an inlet, outlet and a wrap around engine baffle. This is the style of baffling I employ. This drawing is not to scale or has the perspective correct but one can see the design concept. I omitted the front side walls on the inlet side for clarity. I install sidewalls to...
  2. BryceSteenburg

    Wife wants to learn flying RC airplanes

    My wife wants to try flying these things. She just wants to start off flying an electric slowflying trainer in the back yard. There is approx. 4 acres behind the house for her to get something slow and electric in the air. She does not want to go through all the hoopla, as she says, to get a...
  3. BryceSteenburg

    Circus motto

    Team Flying Circus… A hang out that has a lot of experienced people who fly for fun, post for fun and enjoy the hobby because they know what they are doing. I modified a statement "aussiesteve" said in another forum that is discussing the departure of T.O.M. and Jodi. I think this would be...
  4. BryceSteenburg

    Christmas time

    Well guy's, it's that time of year again! Now that Thanksgiving is behind us I just want to say everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hey!!!! Someone had to say it!!!!! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
  5. BryceSteenburg

    Friend requests, how to

    How in the world do you do a friend request. I have done them before but for the life of me I can not find the option to send a friend request anywhere. What am I missing here?
  6. BryceSteenburg

    Carden Cap 232 40%

    Hey guys, bought this Cap from IBange in Texas about a week ago. Chumley's brother is going to get it close to 75 miles from me for pick up after a probro get together in Nashville. I was thinking about an overall design on top surfaces, any ideas?
  7. BryceSteenburg


    Never.....NEVER!!! forget!
  8. BryceSteenburg

    Royal Cessna 310Q project

    My wife and I gave this Royal Cessna 310Q NIB plane kit, 2 NIB K&B 40 with perry carbs, NIB retracts and NIB Futaba radio set with servos to my father 20yrs ago for Christmas. He used to like to build when he was younger and thought he would like to again. He was retired and looking for other...
  9. BryceSteenburg


    Hey Al, My wife made this chili and it is excellent. Give it a try. You would probably need to spice it up some I imagine!:exercise5: Bryce 2008 Chili Verde World Cookoff Winning Recipe From the International Green Chili Cookoff, Las Vegas Gambler's Chili by Lauren Ray...
  10. BryceSteenburg

    Flying wires Aeroworks Ultimate

    Hey guy's I have an Aeroworks 10-300 Ultimate, the older 42% 2002 Chip Hyde model. It is a true Aeroworks and not the World Models Arf. I have put this together earlier this year but never got out to fly it. I have a question about the flying wires attachment. I know the plane cannot be flown...