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    A seriously depressed but absolutely gorgeous woman stands at the edge of a cliff, trying to get the nerve to jump. A passing hobo stops and says,"since you're about to kill yourself anyway, would you mind if we had sex first?" The woman said "Hell no...get away from’re a sicko!"...
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    Fun in the Mid East
  3. Tired Old Man

    Please sign the FAA Petition at White House.Gov

    As most of you already know, the FAA has taken a step to go far beyond what the AMA proposed for people flying multirotors and using FPV goggles. They are also eliminating the ability of people using such equipment to participle in commercial activities like aerial cinematography, topography...
  4. Tired Old Man

    FAA interpretive Rule for Aeromodeling

    Check the different links and read what the FAA has proposed for aero modeling. This isn't just about limiting FPV and multirotor stuff, it impacts everyone. get off your but and get involved. Send a letter or an e-mail saying what you think. First, the rule...
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    I'm going to share a secret. I've been flying multirotors for a while now and having a lot of fun with them. A bit different for sure, easier than planes once you get used to them, and they have some interesting attributes. Once in a while I even put a camera on one to film objects or natural...
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    Plane too Big or Car too Small?

    So the shop door starts banging away the other day so I open it up to see a friends van parked in front and Chris with a chit eaten' grin. I follow him to the back door of the van and he opens it up to show off a new model that runs front to back in a 10 passenger utility van. I don't think...
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    February-March, 2014, Photo of the Month

    Folks, This time around there's a slight change in plans for the Photo of the Month thread. This time, and this time only it will be a two month contest due to a small upping of the ante in the prize department. JediJody and I were going through some stored stuff and lo and behold came...
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    Open Season w/Wahoo and Classclown

    Wahoo and Classclown Your personal hatred for each other is known by all and appears to have no bounds. Understand your issues are not problems for everyone else at TFC. We do not appreciate how your mutual personal animosity derails a thread and removes the enjoyment we would otherwise...
  9. Tired Old Man

    ????Who Dunnit????

    OK, I give up. Somebody sent a gift card from one of the better local restaurants to my Oregon address, addressed to me by name and also as Tired Old Man. No name, no return address, no nothing, just the card. I'm curious as can be to find out who dunnit and what prompted such a generous...
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    Glow engine won't prime, fuel siphons back to the tank, by Roman

    Thread contents have been moved from another thread to provide better directed assistance to Roman, a new member.
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    Trouble in Paradise

    Folks, I don't know what the hell has been going on but in the last two weeks I've had to kill 3 threads, one of them extremely helpful until members started going at each others throats. I've banned a member account for life, one for three months because it's strongly suspected he was behind...
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    2 Stroke Fuels

    Alright, I know this will spark some controversy, but how many know we have pre-mixed 2 stroke fuel already available? How many of you might be interested in a pure 100 octane fuel mixed 50-1 with Stihl HP Ultra? I had an unusual meeting with a racing fuel manufacturer today who was already...
  13. Tired Old Man

    Gravy Mounts Thread

    Folks, I killed the Gravy Mounts thread because all the points valid to any ownership debate had been made, questioned, and answered. The thread had departed from any real reference to an issue between Vital RC and Gravy,and/or SWB as it appeared to imply at one point. The thread had...
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    TFC Public Service Announcement

    Folks, We take pride in our liberties here at TFC and will continue to support them. However, all of us have been taking a few too many liberties of late with language. There has been a marked increase in terminology that isn't even remotely disguised. Although this site is far more PG...
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    Visitor at Work Yesterday

    So reasonably early in the day's toil I hear something that doesn't fit the normal pattern of noises around the shop. Looking up I see something my tired old eyes can't quite identify without my glasses on, however, I can tell by the sound it's not the usual Lycoming or Continental. Turned out...
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    How To Cover

    Revy said he would start a thread on this topic, Aussiesteve said he sucked in this activity, and others have provided evidence of their skill in this subject. Looking through the various threads I did not see anything specific to the often dreaded task of covering a plane. Covering is what...
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    High Tech Engine Widgets

    So nosing around Jody's workbench today I see some stuff that's makes me wonder just how much work is getting done during the working day. He's always telling me how much he loves his job and I believe I'm beginning to understand why. I suppose if I look a little harder I'll find the finger...
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    Cannister Choices

    Okay folks, I have to make a decision on a cannister purchase. There's a lot of disputed information out there as to what works, works well, doesn't work, ad infinitum. You have Pro Flows, KS, 3w, and a few other manufacturer selections. Front dump, rear dump, whatever. Tuned pipes are not...
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    2012 xfc??

    After watching some of this year's XFC videos on You Tube a nagging question keeps bugging me. Has the XFC been turned into a glorified IMAC contest? I well remember when the XFC started and at least for the first couple of years it was some of the best of the best trying to out do each other...
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    Happy Monday

    Keep Smiling It’s Monday A tough looking group of bikers were riding when they saw a woman about to jump off a bridge, so they stopped. The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike and says, "What are you doing?" "I'm going to commit suicide," she says...