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    Charger Rc

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    Dead Pack

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    Eq 10

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    The Newest Futaba Radio

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    Powerbox Royal

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    Cowlhead/ In-N-Out Cleaning Garage F/S

    Here are some of the last remaining items that I have they are all for sale, I would prefer local pickup. I am in Perris, CA 1. Work bench I purchased off of another member on the circus has tons of storage and a slide out table $50 2. Drum/ Belt Sander, Band Saw, Scroll Saw, Drill Press...
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    Cowlhead sale

    Here is the last of my airplane stuff for sale.... get it while its hot Fromeco Charger Ion Cube - 5 channel 2-A123 3-Lipo w/ GUI - $125 Fromeco 8 Ball - $25.00 Futaba 6 channel 2.4 reciver R617FS - $45.00 Midwest Plane Stand with Harbor Freight Fender Stand - $50.00 Commonsense...
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    HOW TO: Install Hinges

    So I am working on this project and the surfaces are not beveled and they are not hinged. So I figured while I attempt to do this stuff I would post what I did and what I learned. In my mind before I bevel the surfaces I should drill my hinge points out. I have never done this before, I...
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    Cowlhead's Next Plane

    Since I have sold anything RC that I own, it is time for a new plane. Here is what I have decided on. They will not be in stock till January. But here it is. Wingspan: 107 in(2.7M) Wing Area: 2296 sq in(14818sq cm) Fuselage length: 95.7 in(2.43M) Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5kg)...
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    Gavin Brown

    I would like all of you circus freaks to meet Gavin Brown, my son that was born on October 19 2009 at 10:25 PM. He weighed 7pounds 4 ounces.
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    Beautiful 3W Pitts

    I was at Showtime's last night armed with my camera and grabbed a couple of shots of his new 3W Pitts. The finish on this thing is amazing, the pictures don't do it justice.
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    40% Carden Extra 330

    I have been given a project to do, and that is to restore a Carden 330. I will post pictures of the plane in its current state. Here is the idea I have for the scheme, do you guys think that a graphics company could cut the graphics for the wings? Other than the top of the wings the scheme is...
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    Cowlhead Fire Sale

    Due to current events I am forced to sell my 40%r. Some of the items are already gone, but here is what is left for sale: 2- Fromeco Blackjack 5200 packs with Multiplex connectors - $50 each 5- 9156 Futaba Servos with Arms - $50 each 1- TTTOC 40% 260 Blue Scheme w/ Airwild Rudder tray...
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    For sale - must sell

    I have the following for sale. Selling to fund another project. 6- 8611's w/ Airwild 1.5" Arm $90 each 1- Fromeco Wolverine Switch $40.00 - Sold to Rocky 2- Fromeco A123 Cards for Ion Cube $20.00 each- Sold to Barnstormer 3- JR Matchboxes $40.00 each
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    Charger Rc

    A couple of weekends ago, I had a chance to fly some of the Charger R/C planes. He has a new plane called the Fuzion, and it flys awesome. I am placing my order in the morning for a CR-1 and a Fuzion. I spoke to Jay and he wanted me to let everyone know that they are back in business. The planes...
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    Ace Hobby 35% Yak Build

    Coming Soon, just getting started on this today
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    Aeroworks 150cc Ultimate Assembly

    Coming Soon
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    OCMA 3-7-09 Shots

    Here are a few shots from today
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    Aeroworks 100cc Extra 300

    Aeroworks has recently come out with a 100cc Extra 300. Wouldn't you know it that the oppourtunity has come out to build and fly one. Showtime and I will be doing a build thread on this plane. Specs: Wing span 106 inches. Wing Area 1950 Fuse Length 94" (Spinner to Rudder) Fuse Length...
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    Nitro Planes Cub Build

    Well in a moment of insanity I purchased a Nitro Planes 91" wing span cub. I plan on putting a 20cc gas engine on it. I ordered it today and it will ship in the next day or so. This should be fun.