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    Cannister Install

    I got a pm from Showtime to help him install his cannisters on his TT-TOC 40% Yak. He's running a 3W-210 twin spark on cans (FROM HELL). Here are some pictures of my custom install. Sometimes you have to think outside the box, or in this case the tank tray. No photos of what Showtime or I...
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    World Models 1/3 Clipped Wing Cub

    Last Saturday night at my 50th B-day party I received a World Models 1/3 Clipped Wing Cub from my Wife, Family, Neal (Postie), Brian (BBP), Greg (Painter) and Wendy (The Princess). A big thanks goes out to all that helped make this happen. Now, I need to find an engine to power this beast. I...
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    Good Bye and Good Luck

    I just wanted to say good bye and good luck to a great kid, fantastic pilot and good friend Chase Welsh, AKA Kamikaze. Chase will be leaving us Wednesday morning to start his new life at the Air Force Academy in Colorado and we couldn't be prouder. We met Chase after he posted on the Circus...