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    Tuning Changes with Elevation Question

    Any guess as to how much engine tuning (I.E how far off the needles would be) would change from lets say 3000 ft. difference in elevation? I'm looking at getting back into IMAC. The contests I would be able to make are about 3000 ft. less in elevation than where I currently fly. So, are...
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    Sonic Cleaning and Nail Polish?

    I'm about to get my Brillelli 60cc running again. I inspected the ring gap and I think it's acceptable (around 0.014"). When I rebuilt the carb (Walbro), I removed the welsh plug and put a new one in. I used nail polish around the edge per Walbro recommendation before finding out they don't...
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    New Engine Question

    I seem to be having a little trouble tuning my DA 60, which has less than a gallon through it. I'm using an ES Composites 55G pipe with the header DA recommended. Prop is a Mejzlik 24x10 and flying field is around 3800 ft. I think. High end sounds good but I can never seem to get rid of the...
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    Watch out for the FG Haters

    There's a build thread I'm following on FG. Someone made the comment that DA is beginning to sell the DA 200 again. I didn't know DA had stopped selling the DA 200 so I asked when did they stop selling it and if the problems were with the crank similar to what some people experienced with...
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    dB Levels and Props

    Ok, here's a question for the engine gurus, specifically ones running the 170cc motors. From my searching, it seems all 170cc engine break the 100 dB mark except for the ones running a 3 blade prop. Based on what I read, it seems a significant amount of noise comes from the speed the prop tips...
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    Rotary Valve Induction

    I have a question for the engine gurus. I ran across a thread where someone was using a ZDZ motor today. ZDZ is one of the manufacturers that uses rotary valve induction and I think the XYZ 50 a few years ago used it as well. What are the advantages of rotary valve inductions and what changes...
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    RTV or Gasket for Cylinder/Crankcase?

    I have a Brillelli 366 (60cc) motor that I'm going to be rebuilding. I was having problems with it and discovered the ring was worn out. I'm going to be getting a Bowman ring for it and probably replacing the cylinder as well. Should I also get some gasket material for the cylinder/crankcase...
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    Build: Dalton Extra 300

    I've had a Dalton Extra 300 kit that I've been building on since 2009. Here are some pictures of the progress so far. I'm almost done setting up my workshop so I am hoping to resume building soon. It's still going to be another 2 years before I can finish it and fly it. My wife has some big...
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    Gettin a New Engine, Thinking of Getting a New Airfarme To...

    I think my Brillelli is done. Won't idle and I tried cleaning the carb and re-plumbing the tank. Nothing is getting it running where it should be. I haven't decided if I'm going to get a DA 60 or a 3W 55 XI yet but I'm also thinking of getting a new airframe. I'm currently flying a 3DHS...
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    3W Twin Spark, Worth the $$$?

    I've been looking/obsessing over engines for my Dalton 300. This would be my first 40% plane. I am not going to buy anything real soon necessarily but a 3W 170 is one of the motors I am seriously considering. They do offer a Twin Spark version and I can only wonder, is it worth the extra...
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    150cc ARF, Need Suggestions

    I'm currently building a Dalton Extra 300. I've had the kit for 4 years and I'm still not done. I work on it when I have time and I have fun doing it, just not as much time to devote to it as I want. I'm seriously thinking about getting a 150cc ARF that I can put all the stuff I'd put in the...
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    DA 170 on Standard Mufflers?

    I've been building a Dalton 300 and I'm interested in getting a DA 170 for it. I'd like to keep it simple so I'm thinking of using standard mufflers. How's the transition on standard mufflers and what are some other props to try? It seems like the Mejzlik 30x13 is the most popular but some...
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    Thread Options?

    What do I need to do so that when I click on a thread, it takes me to the last post I looked at?
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    Aeroworks 100cc Airframes

    Not trying to start a brand war here but I was wondering if the Aeroworks 100cc Airframes are still considered pretty good? The reason why I ask is I've always liked the looks of the Extra 260 and I thought it flew great when I flew one 4 years ago. Might have to get one...
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    WTB: 35% Carden Extra needing TLC in TX

    I'm interested in buying a good used 35% Carden Extra 260 or Extra 330 that needs new covering and paint. A little body work is fine too. If you have a good used airframe, please let me know via email: [email protected] or in this thread. Please send me prices privately. I'm primarily...
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    NEU for 50cc Conversion

    So, which NEU set up would be best for a 50cc E-Power conversion?
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    Electric QQ 69" Yak

    Does anyone know what happend to this?
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    DA/DL50, DA 85, DA 100 Stats

    Ok, I'm trying to gather data on a few different model engines in order to make statistical determinations on performance and comparisons. If you're interested in how the DA 85 compares to the DA 100 or how the DA 50 really compares to the DL 50, then I need your data. This IS NOT to start any...