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  1. Gmoney

    Needed to build something

    Probably never actually fly it but have enjoyed building a kit. Been a long time since CA and sandpaper have been on the kitchen table
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    2.4 remote antenas

  3. Gmoney

    7 channel 2.4

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    Flight Power Batterys

  5. Gmoney

    Weatronics Comparrison

  6. Gmoney

    Da 340

    Just dreaming here with all the talk of those other brand four cyl's. With the recent BOOM in 50%ers I wonder if the fine folks at DA ever thought about doing a BIG motor.. Imagine the DA quality in a big four.... OH Dreams my friends they are free... Gmoney
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    A blast from the past. Good bunch of guys there along with a killer bird. You should know that Lou purchased another kit and between Lou and Joe they finally got that beast to fly and fly well. If you ever get the chance to hang out with those guys.........DO IT...
  8. Gmoney

    Helos taking OVER the Joe Nall You all should step back and take notes. Its on the future is here and its all about the Helos. Backwards and inverted baby.... Gmoney
  9. Gmoney

    Turbine Helo

    Local Ron Keith doing his thing with the turby.
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    I'm movin

    I like this guy he has big balls! America, Canada , all Europe ..... need a President like this Prime Minister John Howard - Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in...
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    Notice: GMONEY

    Originally Posted by GMONEY Smokin HOT chick, Cigar, Tatts and HELLO KITTY! Do you qualify? OMG you more than qualify you are real live woman. OK I need amoment alone. gmoney This is a quote that I made on another site. This post along with many more that run along the same lines I should...
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    Killer composite build thread

    I know its not fixed wing stuff but this guy is amazing.. Take some time and check it out. the plugs he is doing are OFF THE HOOK! G
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    You can be James Bond

  15. Gmoney

    Coming SOON!

    35% Yak build. Of course it will be the ever solid TT Yak. Then a fresh 3W 106 on standard muffs. (4) 8611's for the wing. (2) 8611's for the stabs. (2) Ace 1015's for the rudder, NO tray I will make something. Fromeco A123's for both flight and ignition. Dubro tank, Dubro axles and possibly...
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    Binding ???

    OK guys I have the AR9000. I have tried to bind this thing to the 12X and now the DX7. I even went out and bought the stock switch so I could follow the directions on the sheet. When I go to power up the RX the lights go on for a second and then nothing? What the heck am I doing wrong? I have...
  17. Gmoney

    Trailer swaping

    OH man! So Saturday a bunch of us make it out to Riverside to do some flying. The normal stuff hanging, BSing, encouraging others to ball the stuff up.."Sackman I have Tracie on the phone" or "March called they want you out of there airspace". All is well when OUr fearless leader says Hey bro we...
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    Build nights??

    Today, 01:24 PM #160 Lucky Member Join Date: Apr 2008 Location: Castaic, California Posts: 60 Re: Hats & Shirts Would You Prepay? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is this build night thing...
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    Pole dancer

    Dont even say it I know you love it.. G
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    "Operation Pipstick"

    Well you will have to be really old school Cirkus to know what it is but I lost my copy of it or the file is corupt. If you have it will you please send it to me at [email protected] Thanks Gmoney It was the trailer for all the 3DU's way back.. If I get it I will find a place to host...